Fan Fiction

Be My Valentine


Nell- Oh Hey there Joey your looking happy

Joey- I know I asked this girl at school Gina over for dinner on valentines
dayt after school , and she said yes

Tim- Thats terrific

Joey- Ya and after she wans me to walk her home

Addy-Oh Joey Im so happy fo you

Joey-Thanks everyone, I'm going up and doing my homework, see you all later,
come on matthew

Matthew- Ok

Grandpa- Ok everybody, I'm off to the senior citizen center

Nell- What for

Grandpa- To be first to ask everyone to the valentines day dance

Nell- Now you have fun

Sam- Oh Hey Nell

Nell- Hi

Sam- I'm going out with Chris tonight, and tomorrow night he's taking me to a
great movie, and for a romantic dinner for two

Nell- Oh that does sound great

Sam Well see you all later

Nell- It's too bad Addy that you and I dont have dates

(Tim looks at them avalible and they look at each other wierdly)

Gina- Oh Hi Gina I'm Nell

Addy- i'm Addy

Tim- I'm his Father

Grandpa- And I'm his Grandfather, Bye

Nell- Grandpapa where you going

Grandpa- To the center , where else!

Nell- You have a good time! Now Matty your staying home tonight so behave for
Joey Ok

Matthew- Ok Aunt Nell

Joey- Well aunt Nell I'm going to walk Gina Home

Nell- Ok but dont waste too long

Joey- I wont

Gina- Thanks for walking me home Joey

Gina and Joey- Well

Gina and Joey- Happy valentines dayt(they kiss and Joey walks away in a smile

Matthew- What took you so long

Joey- Not now Matthew

Matthew- Not now for what

Joey- I just got my first kiss

Nell- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa myu baby Joey congratulations!!!

Tim- Well come on you two...Boy I cant believe We're meeting Simpson and Patti
at the movies with Sam and we're double dating


Simpson- Well See you guys Later, That was a grea movie now wasn't it

Patti- It sure was Honey ...Goodnight

Simpson- Goodnight

Nell- Goodnight




Chris- Goodnight

Sam- Well Lets go Chris

Chris- I Love you(they kiss)

Patti- Well lets go Simpson(they kiss)

Nell- Dont even try it

Addy-Oh nell it's valentines day give a guy a break

Nell- Well

(they both kiss Tim)

Nell- Now you boys get to bed

GRandpa-Ohy Nell your still up

Nell- Ya this valentines day was the greatest!

Grandpa-your telling me I witnessed 3 ztrokes in the last hour and they were
all on me by the girls(he laughs and goes in the kitchen)

Nell- Matty whats wrong

Maty- I had no valentine this year

Nell- Well why dont you be mine

Matty- Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(Nell picks up Matty and kisses him and the
scene freezes)

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