Fan Fiction

Santa Gauze Is Coming To Town (Part 2)

Nell- Why Tim

Tim- Hi Nell

Nell- Tim you, your not here to take the boys away from me are you

Tim- No, I thought long and hard Nell and hey, boats aren't my life, iI wanted
my boys to have aa father that they can trust and a mother as well

Nell- What exactly do you mean Tim

Tim- That I move in with you


Nell- Move in with me

Addy- Did I miss anything yet I ..oh hi Tim

Tim-Hi Addy

Addy- are you here to take the boys

Tim- No to move in

Nell- Well ok well try it and if it dioesnt work out

Tim- then iI will take the boys away from you.. oh Nell I love you, your such
a nice woman


Tim- How bout a hi kids

Joey- Hi dad

Matthew- Ya hi dad

Grandpa- Hi Tim heard a lot about you

Tim- You must be gradnpa , Joey told me all about you 3 years ago uin New York

Gradpa- Prorobly told you 10 hours woth of stories about me

tim- No actually a 15 minutwe a day lookback about you

Grandpa- Close enough

Simpson- Hi Tim

Tim- You must be Simpson hello

Patti- And I'm his girlfriend patti

Tim - Pleased to meat you

Julie- I'm julie

Tim- hi

Katie- I'm Katie

Tim- Hi

Jack- I'm Jack

Tim- Hi

Sam- Hi Tim

Tim- Hi Sam, long time no see

Jonatha- Hi I''m Jonathan

Tim- Hi Jonathan

Sam- I'm Sad Nell

Nell- Dont worry he may show up

Chris- Did I miss anything

Sam- Oh Chris(hugs him and they kiss on the lips)

Tim- Looks like santa gauze has come to town

Nell, as well as everyone else)- no Tim thats clause (everyone laughs)


Nell- Well bye Katie , By Jack invite me to the wedding

Katie- We will

Jack- Bye

Nell- Bye Julie, jonathan, baby Nell , Call me over when the baby begns to
walk and talk better

Julie- Ok

Jonathan- Bye

Nell-Bye Patti and Simpson see you later

Patti- Bye

Simpson- See ya Nell

Nell- Well Looks like we have the family who will be living wioth us all here
now, why dont we all clean up

Joey- I'll take the kitchen with Matty

Grandpa- I'll take the dining room

Sam- I'll take the living room

Chris- Hey I dont live here But I'll take the living room too

Addy- I'll take the stairs 

Nell- So will I

Tim- How about me

Nell- Tim , unpack, take the chiefs old room, we are all going to get full
rooms for ourselves sooner or later

Tim- Thank you Nell

Nell- your welcome....Ok everybody get to work

Addy - Ok

Nell- Dinners ready everyone

Tim- Oh Nell thios chicken condo blue is excellent

Nell- No tim, thats cordon bleu

Tim- Nell, I think I will adjust great here, and I know I may be annoying at
times, but Nell, I will take speech classes and learn who people are so I wont
annoy People anymore

Nell- I...

Tim- I know you fell that way nell

Nell-- But I

Tim- Goodnight

Nell- Tim

Tim- Hi Nell

Nell-Look I want you to stay because you were smart enough to make that

Tim- You know what Nell

Nell- What

Tim- I'm glad I did too(he and Nell hug in the dark living room sitting down
on the couch as the tree lights blink)

Nell- Merry christmas

Tim- Merry Christmas(they continue to hug and the scene freezes)


Next Week On Gimme A Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valentines day is here

Who Will end up with who???????????????

Sam and Chris kiss

Nell gets flowers from Tim and hugs him

joey has a girl over the house and walks her oput the door hand by hand

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