Fan Fiction

Remembering Glenlawn (Part 2)

(Same gimme a break theme as Pt 1.(Pt 1 pic was same as season 6's pic in n.Y

(Pt 2 pic is also same one from New York)

Nelll- Oh what the hell (knocks on the door as everyone looks at her in grif
and she knows that they are thinking that she should of listened to her in the
first place)

Kathleen- Hello, oh how may I help you

Nell- Oh my God my, my family and I we , we are starving we need a home and

Kathleen- Well come on in sit down

Nell- Th-th-th-th-thank you

Kathleen- Your welcome

Nell- Ohhhhhhh ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho

Kathleen- Whats wrong

Nell- Can I see your kitchen please

Kathleen- Sure go right ahead

Nell- Thank you(gets up and stops crying and trots into the kitchen)

Kathleen- Lady, Lady are you alright

Nell- Oh oh i'll be fine i...Ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho

Kathleen- Well Whats wrong

Nell- This used to be my house, my livingroom, my kitchen, and my staircaste
and its all changed and grandpa sold it to you that old fart

Kathleen- Well there's no reason to worry we are thinking of selling

Nell- What , say, say, what

Kathleen- Ya and if you'd like to know the price on it i'll negotiate buisness
with you

Nell- Oh I'd better not (looks at grandpa) You fool grandpa now she'll charge
us doube(snaps at him)


Nell- Oh Addy shut up

Samantha- Nell I.....

Nell- Enough

Samantha- I'm sorry I...

Nell- Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Nell- Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha.....Just, just how much are you planning on selling this
house for

Kathleen- Well my husband Jim isn't home from work yet

Nell- Oh now where does he work the barber shop

Kathleen- No the police department

Nell- No ho,ho,ho,ho,ho,ho

Kathleen- Oh whats wrong now

Samantha- Nell's crying because my father was ceif of police here in glenlawn
before he died of cancer two years ago

Kathleen- Oh how sad but peculiar my husbands the poice cof glenlawn

Nell- No, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho,

Addy- Nell

Nell- Oh Addy I'm so happy

Addy- You happy I think sad is the word here girl

Nell- No, no, no, no, no,ho,ho,ho,ho,noooo , no you see, you see girl, I, am
gonna get this house back no matter what it takes

Grandpa- And how do you suppose to

Nell- Quiet...ha, ha,ha,ha..No no Addy I know with all of the luck iv'e been
having i will get this house back you know how

Addy- How

Nell- Lets go down to the convienient store and play the lottery


Addy- Of all the dumb things you have ever done nell...You had to buy the
whole roll of scraqtch tickets

Nell- Yep 100 dollars and i am gonna be rich ricjh rich

Addy- Ya thats what you think

Nell- You wanna bet you think two ten thousands are good but the othr one is
missing and i am gonna get it this time and i am going on a little vacation

Addy- Oh ya where

Nell- To the house 

Addy-Oh Nell

Smantha-Oh Nell It's a surprise to see you here i just came down to get a
bottle of jui.......

Nell- Oh Samantha read a book

Samantha- Oh Nell lose all of your money

Nell- Young lady get back here

Samantha- Oh what do you want

Nell- When I win all of this money Im getting the old house back and you are
moving out

Samantha- Nell

Nell- Lets go Addy

Samantha- Oh one scratch ticket please

Clerk- Ok but this row is all sold out

Samantha- Ya and lotta luck is gonna win big time

Clerk- Mabybe yes maybe no

Samandtha- Well Have a nice day

Clerk- You too

Grandpa- Oh Boys lets go into the back yard and build that tent we always
wanted to build

Joey- Alright

Matthew- Alright

Grandpa- Wait this isnt our house anymore and in New York we only dreamed we
were back here to put a tent up

Joey- You know what Grandpa I really do miss this house

Matthew- Ya whatever he said

Nell- Damn it Addy I only won 75 dollars

Addy- That means you lost 25

Nell- Oh so what Addy

Samantha- Nell, Nell, Nell guess what

Nell- Oh Samantha

Samantha- No mony for you Nell Dont even try to grab it

Nell- Oh my God my baby just won 500,000 dollars on a scatch ticket

Sam, nell , and Addy-( all scream in the parking lot)


Nell- It was , it was so nice of you to give us the house for half price of
500,000 and we still have 250,000 to spend

Kathleen- Well My husband is at work tonight and We will be out of her
tomorrow morning. Good luck to you and the house

Nell- Oh you bet I will have good luck

Kathleen- So what are you gonna do with the other 250,000

Nell- Spend it on all of the old furniture we had only its the same style but
brand new(Nel sdreams with happiness and throws the 250,000 all over the
living room with Kathleen, Samantha, Grandpa, Joey, and Addy all  watching the
money fly everywhere and it freezes

Next Week On Gimme A Break!

Nell- Oh Addy I'm so glad we have all of the old stlye of furniture but a
newer brand and the house back

(doorbell rings)

Nell- I'll get it

Simpson(cries) I thought jim moves out tomorrow i diddnt know you were back
this is my girlfriend Patti

Patti- Pleased to meet you

Nell- Oh Simpson you little Cassanova you

Simpson-Lets go sweet pea

Patti- Coming love