Fan Fiction

Santa Gauze Is Coming To Town (Part 1)


Nell- Oh Addy the kitchen looks so good after the fire.

Addy- I know and now we had to pay 10,000 to remodel it

Nell- Say Addy, christmas is copming up you know

Addy- Oh Nell i's the 1st week of December

Nell- Lets get the tree

Addy- But Nell

Nell- Addy the diner is closed for two weeks becasue its the holiday season

Sam- i everybody

Nell- Hi Baby

Sam- Look what I got Chris for christmas

Nell- Oh a god breaclet saying Sam and me forever

Sam- Isn't it great

Nell- Ya, ya great baby get out of my face we need to get ready for christmas

Joey- Aunt Nell, Aunt Nell

Nell- Joey

Joey- Yes aunt Nell

Nell- Joey go get grandpa and Matty where going shopping for a christmas tree

Joey- Oh boy!


Nell- How is this

Matthew- No

Nell- This- 

Joey- No not that either

Nell- Then this is good

Grandpa- Oh no Nell that one is too small

Nell- Would you three make up your mind

Addy- Nell

Nell- Addy you are not involved when picking out our christmas tree

Addy- Oh ya, that one

Joey- Ya

Matthew- Yaaaaaaaa

Grandpa- Thats the ticket!

Nell- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Addy, Joey and Matthew(singing deck the halls while decorating the tree)

Nell- Hi everybody

Addy, Joey and Matthew- Hi

Grandpa- Here are the lights from in the attic

Nell- Oh thabk you grandpapa put them on the chair

Grandpa-ok Nell, Ok

Nell- i called Katie and Jule they'll be here in a few minutes

Joey- And jonathan

Nell- Yup , and the baby.....and guess what......katies bringing her finace

Addy- thats wonderful shes getting married soon

Nell- Ya and Simpson and Patti will be here...infact there they are now

Patti- Hi everyone

Simpson- Ya hi ya

Nell- Hi come on in

Katie- Nell

Nell- Katie oh honey

Katie- Hi

Nell- And this must be Jack

Jack- Hi it's nice to meet you

Nell- So Jack tell me was Katie your first date

Jack- First and last I love her

Nell- Oh Julie, Jonathan come on in, oh baby Nell

Julie- Nell I love you

Jonathan- hi guys, oh hi Nell

Nell- Hi

Addy- Everyone, eggnog

(everyone cheers)


Nell- Oh boy this is the greatest christmas ever

Julie- Ya all of the family is here and almost evferyone is married

Sam- Not everyone

Nell- Oh baby Chris may not make it tonight, he has family too

Sam- Ya but he doesn't want to wait another minute to se me..he's in love with
me Nell

Nell- I know baby come here come here(hugs her)

(the doorbell rings)

Jack- I'll get it!

Joey-Who is it

Matthew- Ya who?

Jack- Hi 

Tim- Hi everybody

Nell(stares in shock) well it certainly isn't santa clause is it(she continues
to stare in shock and the scene freezes)

Next Week On Gomme A Break!

.........Nell wants to know if Tim wants to take the boys back and he says
never, he'd rather move in bacause he loves nell and the boys so that way they
could have both a father and a mother