Fan Fiction

Sam's First Date

Sam- Ok Nell I'm going out on my date tonight with Chris

Nell- Ok but be home in time for larte night t.v

Sam- Ok

Nell- Addy say why dont you and go to see a movie huh

Addy- Thats a great idea

Nell- Which movie?

Addy- Well how about......honey I shrunk the kids

Nell- Great idea.....Joey, Matthew, Grandpa lets go

Matthew- Where

Joey- Where


Nell- Wer'e going to the drive in

Sam- Hi Chris

Chris- Hi

Sam- Lets go

Chris- I hope honey I shrunk the kids is a good movie

Sam- It better be or else  want my money back


Nell- Ok everybody where here

Addy ok I'll go get us the food

Nell- 5 please

Clerk- There you go

Nell- Thank you

Addy- Hi I'll have 5 large cola's, 5 large popcorns, and 5 slices of pizza

Clerk- That'll be 15.00

Addy- Here you go

Clerk- Thanks

Addy- Heres the food

Sam- I'll go get us the food

Clerk- hi

Sam- Ya I'll have 2 sodas, 2 popcorns, and a pack of honey I shrunk the kids
trading cards

Clerk- That'll be 12.00

Sam- There you go

Clerk- Thanks have a nice night enjoy the movie

Simpson- Hi Ya I'll have a cola, a diet cola, and 2 popcorns

Clerk- That'll be 5.00 si

Simpson- There you gio

Clerk- Have a nicenight enjoy the movie

Simpson- Thanks

Patti- Got everything honey

Simpson- Everything my love

Patti- Good lets watch the movie

(we see nell , addy, grandpa, joey, and matt in one car, in the middle there
is simpson and patti, and at the end there is sam and chris)


Nell- Oh I just forgot something icecream

Addy- Oh Nell!

Nell- Hold on I'll be right back

Sam- I love you Chris

Chris- I love you too Sam

(they ae ready to kiss)

Nell- Hey I know thcar(looks in)Oh helllo

Chris and Sam(hi turn and watch the movie)

Nell- I'm sorry I didnt know you were here

Sam- It's ok Nell just enjoy the movie

Nell- Great thanks

Sam(ready tio kiss Chris again) Nell hey!I'll be right back

Nell- 1 largestrawberry ice cream cone please(takes the cone, goes to the car
where Sam and Chris are reqdy to kiss and sticks it on sam's forehead)

Sam- Nell!

Nell- I'm so sorry baby

Sam- Take me home Chris

Chris- Ok

Sam- You ruinmed everything Nell, everything, I hate you

Nell- I'm sorry

Addy- So did you get the ice cream,.......whose car was that that sped off,
betteer hope Sam and Chris aren't n the hioghway while that car goes by huh

Nell- It was them you maniac(screams at her)


Chris- Well maybe Nell was right , but hey at least she didnt know where we
were or are now

Sam- Your right(goes over to kiss him and they finally kiss)


Sam- Goodnight

Nell- Hi Sam

Sam- Nell how was the movie

Nell-= I clouldnt watch I was thinking of waht a fool I was I'm sorry

Sam- Well I finally kissed my one true love ever

Nell- Ok Sam and now this means I'll never but into y0u private life!

Sam- Deal!

(they hug in front of the living room door and the scene freezes)

Next Week On Gimme A Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's Christmas Eve

And All is right

For A Family Reunion 

Followed With Fright!!!!!!!!

Nell- Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joey- Who is it

Matthew- Ya who

Nell- Well it's nt Santa clause thats for sure

((((((((((((((((((((((the 1hr 2 pt christmas epiosde of Gimme A

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