Fan Fiction

Fire the Turkey

Nell- There we go(puts the turkey in the oven) oh geese would you look at the

Sam- Hey Nell

Nell- Come on Sam wev'e gotta go

Sam- Go, go where?

Nell- TOI work, Addy is off today and I told her I'd fill you in for her, come
on it iopen in a half hour lets go

Sam- Ok

(we see the oven on while the turkey is being cooked for thanksgiving)


Sam- Nell!

Nell- Not now Sam

Sam- But Nell its thanks giving and

Nell- Not now(snaps at her)

Simpson- Hi ya Nell, hi ya Sam

Nell- Oh hi Simpson

Patti- Hello everyone

Nell- Hi

Sam- Hi

Patti-Oh Sam whats the problem

Sam- Nell 

Patti-Mad because working on thanksgiving

Sam- Ya

Nell- What could I get you........

Joey- Ok Matthew come on lets go do my thanksgiving paper route and then go to
the park

Matthew- Ok Joey

Joey- Hey Matthew if you are really good iI'll tell you what

Matthew- What?

Joey-I'll give you 1% of my shares

Matthew- Is that a lot

Joey-Sure it is pal

Matthew- Yay

Joey- Ya right!!!

Grandpa- Hmmmm looks like everyone is gone, I'll just  seneek down these
stairs and go to the senior citizns center, it's much more festive than these
cheep holiday so-called thanksgiving dinners we have here(walks out the door)

( We see in the kitchen the stove still on and the turkey still cooking)


Sam- Nell

Nell- Not now!

Sam- Fine

Nell- We have been through 2 customers in the last hour and you have nagged
through both

Sam- But!

Nell- No buts

Chris- Hi

Sam- Hi

Nell- Hey, hey where you going, hey

Sam- I'm leaving

Nell- No, no you cant leave get back hee, Samantha!

Samantha(closes the door)

Nell- Your fired(slaps a rag on the counter)

Joey- Ok Matthew now lets go to the diner and see aunt Nell and Sam and then
we can get a ride home ok

Matthew- Ok

Joey- Oh by the you go Matthew

Matthew- How much is it?

Joey- Uhhhhhh..A million dollars

Matthew- Yay so I dont have to go to school no more

Joey- Ya sure Matthew(laughs and talks top himself) it was only a penny

Nell- Oh hi guys


Matthew- Hi

Joey- Wheres Sam?

Nell- Oh she left work and I..I fired her

Joey- Gees I have been working 10 days already and I have never been fired

Nell- I know I was too hard on her

Grandpa- Well I'll see you beautiful girls later......This ol man has played
one but he cant play two if you know what that means in time!!!!!!

Nell- Ok guys lets go

Joey- Ok 

Matthew- Ok

(At home) Nell- Hey Joey whats that smell

Joey- Uh I dont know aunt nell?

Nell- Oh My God(runs into the  kitchen which is full of smoke) quick oey, call
the fire department oh my Giod(opens the stove and fire starts to come out of
it) Aaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaaaaa wheres the alarm when you need
one(looks up at the wall now all on fire(oh My God please dont let it
klast(starts to cry and runs out to the living room to watch the kitchen wall


Nell- Thank you officer, thank you for saving my house, i'll be in contact
with you soon

Sam- Nell oh my God

Nell- I left the stove on this morning

Sam- Oh God

Nell- I'm sorry I fired you...Pretend it never happened

Sam- Oh Nell dont worry because you know whay

Nell- Why

Sam- You onkly had me on till 11

Nell- ou mean that

Sam- Yup fooled you early this year its not even april 1st 1989 yet!

Nell- You know what

Sam- What

Addy(runs through the door(happy thanksgiving!) ..Oh my God what happened

Nell- I fired the turkey and then the turkey got on fire

Addy- Waht(stared in wonder at nell thinking what the hell is she talking
about as nell looks at her and smiles and Sam puts her hands around Nell's
back and smiles at Addy while putting her head next to Nells)

Next Time On Gimme A

Sams first date with Chris.................................

Sam- I love you

Chris- I love you too(looks over to hin and is ready to kiss him)

Is what she predicts it will turn out to be

Nell- Hello

(the two sepaate and stare at the movie, then look at Nell and then say hi and
turn their heads back to see the movie)

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