Fan Fiction

The Boss Who Knew Too Much

Nell- Hey Sam!

Sam- Yes Nell

Nell- Go take an order at that table

Sam- Getting to it nell

Nell- Good

Chris- Hi Nell

Nell- Oh hi Chris hows work been treating you

Chris- Oh it's ok

Nell- Thats good 

Chris- Her'e's the order for you Nell you made me get from freezer
world:Frozen steak, frozen fish, frozen pork, frozen ham, frozen meatloaf,
frozen lobster

Nell- Uh, you remember the frozen vegetables

Chris- Au shoot


Sam- Hi Chris

Chris- Hi Sam

Sam- So how was your day at work

Chris oh it was great

Sam- Mine was too

Nell- Um Sam what are you and Chris doing?

Sam- Nothing Nell

Nell- GOPood cause you too better be doing nothing or else if I find out whaqt
you guys are doing whch I hope I think you are not there will be questions to

Sam-Ya sure Nell

Chris- Ok Nell

NEll- Now Sam show Chris around morein the back room

Sam- Ok Nell

Addy- Oh what now Nell

Nell- Oh Addy it's Chris, ever since I hired him she's been all over him

Addy- Who?

Nell- Sam you twit(snaps at her)

Addy- Well relax nell, What possibly could go wrong

Nell- I'm gonna spy on them

Addy- Oh Nell

Sam- So here is where the meat, ham , pork , and fish go

Chris- Uh-hu

Sam- And here are where the vegetables go

Chris- Uh-hu

Sam- And...Here are where my lips go

Chris(moves toward Sam as she moves toward him)

Nell- So is everyone all set in here

Sam- Uh-ya-ya sure nell

Chris- COuldn't be better

NEll- Good , Samantha get ready we're closing up, and then we'll have dinner
at home and then we need to talk

Sam- See you tomorrow Chris

Chris- Bye

Nell- Move it(grabs Samantha and drags her out the back room door)


Nell- Ok suppers on

Grandpa- Oh Nell Whats the matter

Nell- The matter? nothings the matter(plos the mashed potatoes madly onto his
plate and everyone else's

Joey- Ya aunt Nell you've been acting verry strange after you came home from
work something wrong?

Nell- nothing is wrong(she snaps at him)

Matthew- Aunt Nell can I go to the.........

Nell- Not now Matthew!(snaps at him)

Sam- Nell

Nell- Samantha you are the last person I want to talk to right now

Sam- But

Addy- Oh leave her alone Nell

Nell- leave her alone, I turn my back on her in the diner and all you tell me
is to leave her alone

Sam- Nell I

Nell- Samanthat can I talk to you for a moment in the kitchen

Sam- Sure Nell

Nell- Why were you gonna kiss him

Sam- But!

Nell- Not now Samantha

Sam- But Nell; it is now

Nell- Do you think I am stupid(snaps at her) I know it is now! Now is the time
you get scolded 

Sam- But

Nell- Oh Sam you are grounded for a month

Sam- A month I am 20 years old Nell!

Nell- So what

Sam- Nell I'm not a child anymore(starts to cry)

Nell- I know

Sam- I really like him

Nell- And I dont blame you he's a very nice kid

Sam- But I am 20 and shouldn't I just wait a while before we start dating like
a couple of months

Nell- Sure thing

Sam- Thanks

Nell- And Sam

Sam- YEs

Nell- I'm sorry

Sam- I love you nell(hugs her and cries)

Nell- I love you too honey


Patti- hi Nell

Nell- Oh hi Patti

Patti- So hows worrk today

Nell- Oh it's kind of slow

Simpson- Hi ya Nell

Nell- Oh hi Simpson

Simpson- Do you want to know something nell

Nell- Sure what is it

Simpson- Well I heard that um Mary's on stayland street

Nell- Ya

Simpson- Is going out of buisness because your resturant is better than hers
ever was

Nell- Oh I'm sorry for that but hey, I am the best

Sam- Oh hi Nell

Chris- Hi Nell

Nell- Hey you two whats happening

Chris- Nothing

Sam- Nell is it ok if Chris comes over for dinner tonight

Nell- Sure why not

Sam- Great

Nell- Geeze you know what Addy 

Addy- What?

Nell- I think almost everyone n the house has someone but us

Tom- Oh thank you Brian

Brian-Thank you Tom

Tom- So what shall we have today

Brian- I dont know

Nell- May I reccommend two beautiful women(Addy and Nell smile both at the men
and the scene freezes)

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the oven

Nell- noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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