Fan Fiction

Nell's Diner

((((((((((((((((((The screen switches from dark to the all new 1988-1989
season 8 credits))))))))))))))))))))

Gimme a break, now I know what it takes,
Iv'e made it this far and I'm still tryi'n, I'm taki'n it day by da-a-ay
playing with fate, not a moment too late,
I'm showing the whole wo-orld , nothing can get me doooooooooooooooooooooooow,

gimmmme a brrrrreeeeek
ya, ya
gimmme a brrrreeeeek
cause I sure need o-one
gimmmmme a brrrreeeeeeak
du-ude ya, ya, ya, ya
I finally know where I be-e-lo-o-o-o-ong

gimmmme a brrrreeeeek ya ya
gimmmme a brrrrrrrrreeeeeek
cause I sure need o-one
gimmmmme a brrrrreeeeek
ya-ya-ya, ya-ya-yaaaaaaa-a-a-a-a
I finally know where I be-e-lo-o-o-o-ong 
gimme a break!

Nell- Oh Addy I'm so , so, so, so happy

Addy- Ya Just think Nel;l we waited 5 months for this opening

Nell- Here we go Addy , oh, oh I'm so excited

Addy- Well cute the tape and lets get to work

Nell- Here goes

Addy- Oh this is so exciting

Nell- I now open Nell's diner on this 2nd day of september 1988

Addy- Oh would you get on with it

Nell- Everybody come on in turkey's getting cold now there lets get to work


Addy- Oh Nell I cant believe that we made it this far

Nell- Ya me neither, you know it's like not even like 2 minutes ago I was back
in New York crying to come back home and look at me Nell I took it day by bday
and I kept on trying and I played with fate and the fate is stil going Addy

Addy- Nel I always knew that

Nell- Oh Addy this is so exciting

Sam- I'm here nell

Nell- Samantha(yells at her)

Sam- Ya

Nell- Where were you you missed the cutting ceremony

Sam- I was

Nell- No buts about it now move and wait on tables go, take this pad of paper
and this pencil and go

Sam- Ok

Nell- Yes may I help you

Chris- Ya I'm Chris Smith I'm here for a job interview

Nell- Ok i'll be right there sit right down

Chris- Thanks

Simpson- My, my, my what a nice cozy place, Nell's diner, wow it has the same
name as Nell and everything, I wonder if she works here

Nell- She does, hey Simpson you are getting too old or just too stupid, you
were there 5 months ago when I won the money and wanted to build a diner and
name it nell's diner

Simpson- Oh ya I do remember that but I forget where you built it

Nell- Simopson you were here two weeks ago when they were installing the deep

Simpson- Oh ya

Nell- Now if you'll excuse me I have a soon to be employee or maybe soon to be
employee to meet with i'll see you later


Nell- Ok Chris now you take these papers and you do what I told you to do with
them and i got your number and I'll call you if you got the job

Chris- Oh thanks Ms. Harper

Nell- Nel, honey, call me Nell

Sam- Nell I.....Oooooooh baby have I died and gone to hunkville

Nell- Sam dont even think about it he is for my pleasure not yours 

Sam- Nell!

Nell- Sam go cook and wait on tables

Sam- Nell!

Nell- Now or your fired

Sam- huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh

Nell- Oh Addy I'm so happy

Addy- Ya you told me that over 10 times already

Grandpa- Hi Nell

Joey- Hi aunt Nell

Matthew- Hi aunt Nell

Nell- Hi guys what can I get for you

Grandpa- I think I'll have a senior coffee

Joey- I think I'll have a soda

Matthew- I think I'll have a bananna split

Nell- No na-a Matty you havent had dinner yet

Matthew- ya buit guess what

Nell- WHat

Matthew- I was watching disney with Joey and we saw donald duck as a bell boy
and a man told him that the customer is always right. 

Nell- Oh Matty, Matty, Matty

Matthew- Ya

Nell- That was donalds boss who made the rules

Mathew- So

Nell- So in here the boss makes hers ok no ice cream till dinner you got
me(she snaps at him)

Patti- Oh hi Simpson

Simpson- Ya hi ya

Patti- Whats wrong

Simpson- Well Nell told me she was gonna talk to me but I've waited an hour

Patti- Oh dont worry Simpson .....Nell

Nell- Oh Hi Patti

Patti- Nell Simpson has waited here all nght for you to talk to him

Nell- I'm dorry Simpson welcome to Nells diner may I take your orders


Nell- Well thats it our first day and we had over 79 customers

Addy- Ya isnt that something

Grandpa-Hm I'll say It is

Joey- Ya and today I delivered over 55 houses

Nell- Thats wonderful Joey

Matthew- Ya and today I passed my spelling test with a 100

Nell- Thas excellent news Matthew

Simpson- and I waited all night for nell

Nell- Hm Ok Simpson you continue doing that

Sam- And I saw the most hansome person today'

Nell- He's all mine to contol not you(she snaps at her as Sam moves back in
her booth as everyone looks at nell as they all gather in the family booth and
the scene freezes

Next Week On Gimme A Break

Nell- Hi Chris Your hired

Sam- Hi

Chris- Hi

Sam- Chris can you go out with me, No I mean go out and take the grabage out
for me I'm busy

Chris- Sure

Sma- Here(hands him the garbage, he moves it down, she drops it and they kiss
and Nell looks mysteriously in a mad face through the crack in the door and
then slips on some oil, trips, and all of the pans fall and Sam and Chris run
into the room and nell gets up in a shocked state with her mouth open and then
looks mad at the two of them)