Fan Fiction

Try and Try Again (Part 2)

Add- I wonder whats taking Nell so Long

Matthew- I dont know shes not been home all day 

Joey- Ya we canme home from school two hours ago

Addy- I know and the highschool only gets out at 1 o'clock and my colds better
oh my God my prayers have been answered

Nell-Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(coming through the door

Addy- Nell

Nell- Addy stay away from me

Addy- Stay away from you what for

Nell- You would not believe the day I had......Say how'd you get your voice
back that fast


(((((no theme because all 1 episode all on 1 night but premiere of season pt 1
and 2 were 2 themes because they redid the scenes from both parts rather than
the same scenes re done on both for the ending credits.)))))

(((((((((((on repeats they have theme here and re-do the scenes from the
episode with the ending credits on both parts but how part 2 ended credits

Addy- So What happened

Nell- Oh You wouldn't believe me if I told you girl

Addy- Oh anyone would believe you

Nell- No Addy I mean the kids were a menace to me

Addy- I told ya honey

Nell- What I just took over for you you didn't tell me anything girl

Joey- Aunt Nell I'm going to the playground ok

Nell- Ok baby go ahead

Matthew- Ya aunt nell see you later

Sam-Hey Nell

Nell- Samantha where are you going

Sam- Oh down to the Mall I'm putting my aplication in for Filenes Jcpenny is
just too much for me too cheap

Nell- Thats great honey see yu later


Joey- Aunt Nell, Aunt Nell, Aunt Nell

Nell- What, what, what

Joey- your never gonna believe what just happened

Nell- What

Joey- A man walked by and He's the mayor

Nell- The mayor

Joey- Ya and he said I looked like an honest kid

Nell- Oh Joey thats wonderful

Joey- Ya and thats why he gave me this

Nell- A tribiune bag

Joey- Ya ain't it neat the other punk quit

Nell- thats nice Joey now get out of my face

Grandpa- Oh Nell, what you up to now, chasing dogs, washing windows, typing
words, baking pies , gambling for money

Nell- thats it..............If iI dont have a job I guess the only way to make
money is to buy scratch tickets

Addy- Oh Nell

Nell- You did it in New York and I'm doing it right here and right now baby,
come on, move it(she grabs Addy and they both fly out the door)


Nell- Ok, ok, okm now lets see .oh that one looks good, lotta luck, and money
bags, I'll have 2o of each, Ohhhhhh and my favorite one of all do you have one
with food

Clerk-Yes We have love at first bite with a man eating a chicken drubstick,
match the number in the buckmet of fried chickesn to the man eating the 6
pieces ad you could win up to 100,000

Nell- I'll take it

Addy- Oh Nell How could you. It was Sam who got you the house, and the
furniture, and

Nell- Oh Addy please ok.hoooooooooo oh my lord 500 dollars did you see that

Addy- Oh your crazy girl ...I'm gonna wait in the car

Nell- Well I'm ba-ack

Addy- and how much did you win

Nell- 1,345 dollars

Addy- Fooie!

Nell- Oh there is stil one more scratch ticket left know that

Addy- So what

Nell- Here Addy I love you more than money in the workd and I mean that
because your my best friend and I never wanted to tell you that

Addy- Oh Nell thank you...oh at first bite your favorite

Nell- Whjatever you win is all yours

Addy- Ok 5 and.....Aaaaa, Aaaaaaaaaaa, Aaaaaaaaaaaa

Nell- What, What, What(after each Aaaaaaaaa)

Addy- I just won 50,000 dollars

Nell and Addy at the same time(Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

Addy- And i's all mine

Nell- Your right Addy Listen keep the money ok

Addy- I dont think so

Nell- What

Addy- I'm splitting it 50/50 we are both winners

Simpson- Whats all the screaming About 

Nell- Oh Simpson, Simpson, Simpson

Patti- Oh Hi guys long time no see

Addy- We just won 50,000 on a scratch ticket

Patti, Nell, and Addy(Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa)

Simpson- That's excellent Nell

Nell- Addy- What are we gonna do with all of this money.I.......Oh my God Addy


Nell- This ticket has to do with food right

Addy- Ya, so

Nell- We can put our money together, build a diner, and work in it together,
and we'll make it bg time. I mean we'll have monye, good clother, good food,
and good friends

Addy- Thas a wonderful idea nell and I can be assistant boss and you manager
and boss

Nell- Great Idea Addy Ohh......we have to think of a name for the diner

Addy- Since it's your ticket that won Nell you should choose the name

Nell- about Nell's diner

Addy- Terrific(they jump up and down all excied)

Addy- Come on Simpson , and Patti lets go tell the others 


Sam- That's great nell and since I didn't want the job at Filenes I can be a
waitress at your restaurant

Nell- Yup...and dont forgert about senior discounts for grandpa and of course
50% off all food for family members and closest friends

Joey- Thats great now everyone has a job

Grandpa-No Joey when you reach My age you sit down and rest all you
want....and watch tv all day

Addy- Well here it is here is the good job and good luck cake

Nell- Come on everybody stand back and watch mme bloew out the
candles(everyone gathers around the cake and nell stands byu the dining room
table facing the living room door and blows out the candles as everyone claps
and cheers and the scene freezes)

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((after clapping and main

Nell- Ladies and gentlemen youv'e just witnessed the 150th preformance and 1hr
season finale of gimme a break's 7th season............7 glorious years

(((((((((((((((((we see the clips of nell as a bus driver, librarian, and
school teacher, and the pic of nell and addy jumping up and

(((((((((((((((((((((then the camera switches to the living room and eveyone
comes out on stage and takes a bow while the ending music is playing in the

(((((((((((((((this episode was also taped in front of a live studio

if there were two individual episode titles for this 1 hr final pt 1 would of

Pt1...............the carreer woman

and part 2 would of been

Pt 2...........Love At First Bite

(((((((((((((((((((((next season on gimmee A

Season Premiere facts

Nell's Diner is all finished and built after a 5 month hiatus from april when
gimme a break!returns in the fall

We hear of what nell did on her Summer vacation as well as the family

Joey is seen delivering papers

Sam waitress' at nell's diner

Simpson and patti are still a perfect couple

Grandpa is back to his old tricks at avoiding the family and going to the
senior ctizen center to see higirlfriends

and what do you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!a familiar face

all this and more as gimme a break! presents its 1988-1989 season this fall on