Fan Fiction

Try and Try Again (Part 1)

Nell- Oh Addy I haven't had a chance to do anything

Addy- what do you mean

Nell- I mean things Addy, sopping, cooking, cleaning

Addy- Nell be reasonable ypur always doing those things

Nell- You know what I mean God damn it a job thats why my life isn't complete
because I dont have a job....Oh Addy I haven't had one since I left new York.I
ain't broke ain't I

Addy- Relax there are so many jobs listed in the tribiune come on lets go in
the livingroom and I'll show you(they run throught the kitchen door to the


Addy- See Nell chose the job you like and then go for it

Nell- Oh Addy there, there isone

Addy- Where

Nell- Right there honey

Addy- Oh , Nell, bus, driver, be reasonable

Nell- the job's mine Addy

Simpson- Hi ya everybody

Addy- Simpson do you have a gun

Simpson- Na I left it at the station why

Addy- To kill Nell with

Patti- Oh hi everybody

Nell- Hi Pati

Addy- Patti , do you think if Nell, looked  for a job in he paper and then
found one in a second she should be it right away

Patti- Oh it's like aI always say go for it

Nell- Good

Addy- Nell

Joey- Um Aunt nell I'm going to the playground

Nell- Thats good honey did you finsish your homework

Joey-Nell it's the last week of school there's no homework

Matthew- Ya and next year i'll be in 3d grade I'll be so happy and Joey will
be in 7th

Sam- Well Nell I finally survivd my sophomore year of the time
really flies doesn't it..Well come on Joey I"ll give you two a ride to the
playground and then we'll go for ice cream to celebrate the  last week of

Joey- yay

Matthew- Yay

Nell-Addy I start first thing tomorow

Addy- What

Nell- I called the bus company and they said I start tomorrow and if I dont
like it I can quit(she sticks her tounge out at her)


Nell- Ok everybody this is my little boy Joey and Mathew

Joey- aunt Nell

Matthew-Ya aunt Nell dont embarrass us'

Nell- Oh sit down..good bow lets sing hail to the bus driver,la,la,la,la,la,.............(hey, dont throw thise papers at me, what
are you doing

Addy- Well

Nell- I quit.They were throwing papaers at me, yelling, screaming, fighting ,
and everything else

Addy- I told you so

Nell- Lets see what else...A librarian thats it

Addy- Ohj Nell You dont like quiet

Nell - Says who(yells)

Boy- Hi ma'am where can I find a copy of the raven

Nell- By the 12th row 4th shelf to your right quiet(she whispers)

Some kids walking by(whisper and it sounds loud for nell)

Nell- Hey keep it down what is this Disneyworld(yells at them)

Addy- Nell Again

Nell- Again Ady, again

Addy- Hey Nell How about being a sophomore sub if I am ever absent huh

Nell- You know you right

Addy- Oh my god please let me feel better in the mornng

Nell- Addy get up your gonna be late

Addy- Nell, I, I ,feel sick

Nell- Good I'll take over for you

Addy- Wha

Nell- Slams the door

Addy- Aaaaaaaaaaa(falls to the floor)


Nell- Good morning class I am your sopomore substittute teacher Ms. Harper

Kid 1- So Mrs. Harper play any good music lately

Kid 2- Ya Ms. harper ever thinking of joining the land of the leprechaurn's
opn darby o'gil and the little people

(the class laughs)

Nell- Hey(yells at them) Now we are here t do readin, writin, and ritmatac
arent we nat

Kid 1- Oh a southern strict teacher huh

Nell- Go to the prncipal's office and wait for me until I get there, move it,
move it, moooooooove it(snaps at him) ok kid no one ever didnt do what I say
you either move it or you fondf yourself another substitute
teacher.......well! Thats it I'm out of here(goes on the phone) Ya Mr.
Calahan, ya this is Ms. Nell Harper from 105, listen find yourself a new
substitute teacher, because I quit(she slams the phone as all of the kids
watch and point at her and crumble up papr and throw it at her as she standas
by the phone in madness anxd deciept and looks down with an angry, sad, and
unhappy grin thinking that she will never find a job see a few
more peices of crumpled up paper fly toward her and her herad still down with
the grin and the scene

(((((((((((((((To Be Continued))))))))))))))))))

Next On Gimme A Break!

((((((((((((((((so Nell is through of work is she........................guess

Nell- I got It Addy I'll go buy some more scratch tickets and maybe I'll get

Addy- Nell!

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((will Nell Ever find the right

((((((((((((((((((((((((((will the newspaper run out of jobs for

(Nell comes in the house and slams the door and yells Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa atAddy
depressed and angry and mad)

Find out on part 2 of the 1hr 150th episode preformance and pt 2 of the season
finale of Gimme A break's 7th season on ABC Next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!