Fan Fiction

Grandpa Robs Again

Nell- Oh Addy grandpa still is not back yet

Addy- Well where could he be

Nell- I dont know I sent him to go to the bank with Joey and Matty to deposit
my checks from my job in New York and it's been hours

Addy- Well Maybe they went to the park

Officer- Ok Stanley your visitors are here

Grandpa- Oh baskasaski Joey , Matthew if you get me out of this mess I'll give
you 1,000 dollars each


Nell- Hello

Grandpa- Oh Nell how are you

Nell- Where have you been grandpa I sent you out at 2 and your not back yet
and its 4

Grandpa- nell You'll never believe what happened. i was at the bank,andthat
same guy from 5 years ago robed the bank. ran out and when the cops got there
they expected me as the culprit. They arrested me and brou8ght me to jail and
Matthew and Joey are talking to me throught that phone and a few minutes ago I
gave them the description of me and they arrested the lookalike who robed the
bank but he actually put half in my pocket and half in his and now the one who
is telling the truth out of the two of us will be free and the one who is
lying arrested for 20 years. What a way for an old fart to die

Nell- Addy oh my god Grandpa's down at the station with Matty and Joey he was
mistaken for a robber lets go

Simpson- Dont try anything funny grandpa or both grandpas

Grandpa- Hey shut up sSimpson

Simpson- Here's a test to see who'se lying or not. When is grandpa's birthday

Grandpa- December 16th

Other grandpa- March 30th

Simposn- You know I dont know when it is anyways so honestly I wouldnt know
which one is lying(laughs)

Nell- Move Simpson.Oh grandpa.....grandpa..........which one are you

Simpson- Test them nell you'll be sorry in the end on who the lyer is

Nell- Ok Grandpa 1 whisper my name


Nell- Correct

Other grandpa(whispers)

Nell- Also correct.. wait a minute you said test them Nell

Simpson oh sorry

Nell- Ok where do I live


Other grandpa(whispers)

Nell- Ok, ok, ok

Addy- Nell thank God your here Joey and Matty were causing trouble by causing
a raqut downstairs by the cells

Nell- Oh My god......I'm not through with the fake grandpa I'll Be back


Joey- Aunt Nell

Mathew- aunt Nell

Nell-Ooooooooooooh wait in the car

Joey- Ok

Matthew- Ok Aunt Nell

Nell- Ok Simpson I know who the robnber is it's this guy over here

Other grandpa- Ok nobody move I'm stronger than I look. If any of you want to
keep me in here without opening this cell in 1 minute this grandpa is gonna
get bet up

Nell- no, No, Simpson, Simpson please, Please open the cell

Addy- ya Simpson do something

Simpson- (oens the call and the criminal runs out)

Nell- Not so fast old man(trips him and jumps on top of him) you may be stong
enough to hurt a weak guy like grandpa but not strong enog to hurt a big mama
like me now stay.....stay

Simpson- Ok now other grandpa come with me were gonna sentence you to 20 years
in jail com eon

Nell- come on Grandpa lets go home

Granpa- I cant wait to

Sam- Nell oh thank god your alright it was all over the news

Nell- Sam please

Patti- You hooo how is everybody

Nell- Oh Patti tell your boyfriendto shape up or quit the police force but uit
was reat how he used his head in the end

Patti-Ok Nell and grandpa I knew yu didn't rob that bank

Grandpa- Well thats a likely story

Simpson-Hi Ya nell, hi ya everybody

Nell- Hi Simpson 3 cheers for Simpson(they all cheer for him as he smiles as
he looks into the livingroom from the door


Simpson-Oh thankl you Nell

Nell- Simpson I am so happy that for once in your life you used your brain

Patti- Ya Simpson come over here and give smookems a kiss huh

Simpson- Ok(they kiss)

Grandpa- Well Now that all of this is over wake me up 5 years from now when
you want me to go back to the bank again and get arrested for robbery when I
ws framed by a pea-brain lookalike like myself(everyone laughs and hugs
grandpa and is happy that he wasn't the one to et arrested for 20 years and
that they knew all along that he didn't rob the bank anyways and the scene

(((((((((((((your invited to a 1 hr event))))))))))))))))))))))

Nell- Addy I need a job I hadn't worked at all since i've been back here in
Glenlawn....Addy! thats over 1 year.Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

(((((((((((the 1hr 2 part season finale and 150th epiosde

Addy- Well try going for a job that is good for you and if you dont suceed
try, and try again

((((((((((((((((we see Nell in front of a classroom saying goodmoring class I
am Ms. Nell Harper your sophomore teacher))))))))))))))))))))))

(((((((((((((((we see Nell driving on a bus with joey on it to his school
saying ok everyone now sing hail to the busdiver the bus driver

(((((((((((((((((we see see as a librarian and she is snaping at kids just for
whispering and telling them to be quiet ehwn they are low

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((of gimme a break)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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