Fan Fiction

Addy's Admirer

Nell- Oh hi you must be our new neighbor next door 

Jeff- Ya its a surprise that we'd meet in our own little convenient store down
the street

Nell- Hey listen um I'm really big on get togethers and I was wondering how
about tomorrow you can come over our house and I'll introduce you to my
familly...and my best friend Addy.

Jeff- I'll be delighted

Nell- (looks at him and smirks) Your cute

Jeff- (blushes)


Addy- Oh Nell where've you been it's been hours

Nell- Oh I met our new neighbor down at the convienient store, we started
talking, I invited him over for a get together tomorrow, mentkioed to him that
he was cute...You know the reasonable stuff I usually say to people

Addy- Oh Nell You cant just do a thing like that you have to know the guy

Nell- Addy, Addy, Addy, I knew him for over a week now

Addy- Oh ya and how is that

Nell- I peeped throgh our windows into his

Addy- Oh Nell

Grandpa- Whats all of this raquet

Nell- Addy's complaining because I met our new neighbor in the store and
invited him over

Grandpa- Well Addy what's wrong with that

Addy- Everything that is

Joey- Aunt Nell I'm home

Nell- Oh Joey Just go to your room I have no time for you anymore

Joey- But Aunt Nell

Nell- Not now Joey

Matthew- Come on Joey we shouldn't interferer when your royal hiness is
telling us what to do, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha

Nell- I heard that Ooooooooooooh go to your rooms now!


Jeff- Hi everybody, hi Nell

Nell- Ah, e,e,e,everybody I want you to meet my new man......I mean friend

Addy- Ooooooooh(imitates Nell for the first time as she walks through the

Nell- Addy what was that

Addy- What, Oh nothing Nell

Nell- Good

Addy- You must be Jeffery

Jeff- Ya please call me Jeff thats what my friends call me

Jeff- Ok Jeff

Nell- Oh hi Simpson, hi Patti

Simpson- Hi Nell

Patti- Hi Nell

Simpson- So you must be jeff the new man next door Nell is in love with

Nell- What !

Patti- No, no, he mixes up his words Jeff he is saying the man Nell always
talks with

Jeff- Oh, oh I see

Nell- Ok why doesn't everybody sit down

Sam- Hi Nell I'm home

Nell- Oh Sam you're just in time to meet my new

Sam- It's good to meet you Jeff

Jeff- and it's good to meet you

Sam- Listen nell I'll be upstairs trying to study ok, try not to make much
noise ok

Nell- Ok baby just go and study

Sam- Thanks

Nell- So now ere we, oh(looks at Jeff and smiles and her smile turns to a
disgrace when she sees him looking at Addy smiling while she is shy and looks
straiht forward)

Nell- Um Addy can I please see you in the kitchen for a moment please, please,

Addy- What, oh sure Nell

Nell- Whats going on are you trying to steal my man

Addy- What

Nell- I saw the way you looked at him when he came through the door and I saw
the way he was just looking at you

Addy- Nell do you, fo you mean he likes me,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Nell- Shut up

Addy(runs into the living room and jumps into Jeffs lap and he holds her as
she tells him let's go out tonoght , just the two of us


Addy- Hi Nell

Nell- Ya hi

Addy- I'm sorry Nell if you didnt get what you wanted but guess what

Nell- What

Addy- You know jeff how strong, and hansme, and kind he is

Nell- Ya

Addy- Well guess what he's got that the two of us dont got

Nell- What

Addy- A brother

Max (comes through the door all dressed up and looks at Nell)

Addy- Meet Jeff's Max. I thought since you had no luck with Jeff and that you
like him I thought we'd all go out to dinner tonight after i found out that he
had a brother just as good looking as him...Nell!Nell!

Nell-Oooooooooooh, ooooooh, oooooooooooh, ooooooh, ohhhhhhhhhh , ohhhhhhhh,

Addy-(looks at her strangly never hearing so many oooooh's at once

Nell- Addy- I love you lets go before the evening is ovver

Addy- Ok(they both rush to the door and Max takes Nell by the hand and escorts
her to the car and Addy closes the door and we see he inside of the house
empty witht the lights on and the scene freezes)


((((((((((((if you thouhgt this gimme a break was

Grandpa- Oh I went to the bankand saw a man who looks like me I swore I
thought it was arnold Sworseneger ut then I re-adjusted my glasses but then I
saw him get away with money and the last thing I know the police were there in
a minute and arrested me 

Nell- Again

Grandpa- Ya and thats not all thats the same guy that set me up before and he
remembers he set me up and when I tiold my story he told his the same way and
the one that they believe most will go free or else the other will stay 20
years and rot in hell. What a way for an old fart to die ha Nell)