Fan Fiction


Nell- Boy it is windy tonight isnt it Addy

Addy- Ya Nell it is I think we'd better shut all of the windows it is kind of

Sam- Ya your telling me My thermometer in my room says 5 below

Nell- 5 below on a spring night

Addy- Nell It's getting spooky toight I dont like this at all

Sam- Ya Nell Lets watch some tv

Joey- Come on Matty lets go see Aunt Nell and Aunt Addy downstairs ok

Matty- Ok

Grandpa- Nell

Nell- Oh Grandpa thank goodness your home

Grandpa-Oh Nell I froze out there coming home for my hot date

Nell- You always have a hot date

Grandpa- Ya but tonight was the hottest one of them all......Cindy Darling the

Joey- Aunt Nell lets watch tv

Mathew- Ya aunt Nell

Nell- Ok now I'll just put it on now there(all of a sudden the lights go out
and the room is dark. everyone screams and Nell tells no one to panic, a
police car is heard outside saying there has been a blackout and it will take
a while before power is rerstored. in the background we ca see a little of
Matthew who is huging Joey telling him he is scared of the dark and Joey is
also a little scared telling Matthew it will be ok everything will be ok)


Nell- Ok I'm going to the drawer and getting the flash lights

Addy- Good Idea

Sam- Hey why dont we all keep busy after we get some light in here

Nell- Ok lights on

Matthew- Yay

Joey- Yay

Nell- Hey Sams right we can recall memories of the past

Addy- Oh good Idea

Nell- Ok..........Hey since this is a scary evening lets recall scary
situations that came out great in the end

Addy- Ya

Sam- Great

Joey- Great Aunt Nell

Nell- Ok now do you all remember the time that I met that ex-conict and gave
him a singing carreer......................

(they recall the epiosde second chance for about 5 minutes)

Addy- Ya I remember it so well and boy wasnt that a scary sight having him in
our home

Nell- Correction Addy my home then our home now

Addy- Wahtever.....How about the time we fought over my ex tenant

Nell- that wasnt scarry

Addy- Well It was for me

(they recall the episode spirit of christmas for 5 minutes)

Nell- Oh Addy please you know he loved me more

Addy- No

Nell- Yes

Addy- No

Nell- Yes

Addy- Yes

Nell- Gooooood

Addy- Oh shut up Nell

Nell- Wanna make me


Addy- Nell Just shut up

Nell- Make me

Addy- I will if you listen to this past experience 

Nell- ok I'll listen

Addy- Got ya now youve got to shut up......Now Nell here was the most
terrifying moment ever.....remember the time when we got stuck in adjoining
elevators when we were going to.................................

(they recall the episode the elevator for 5 minutes)

Nell- Ya and I had a beeter voice singing that song

Addy- Na -aaaaaa

Nell- Ya-haaaaa

Addy- Nell 

Nell- What

Addy- Lets just recall memories to pass the time away ok

Nell- Ok

Addy- Good

Nell- Speaking of scary memries I've got a memory that will scare you good

(they recall the epiosde nells new car for 3 minutes)

Addy- Oh Nell I gave you the money back

Nell- I know And I really do love you

Addy- Oh Nell(they hug)


Nell- Hey look everybody the powes back on

Addy- Yay

Joey- Horray

Matthew- Yay

Grandpa- Huh oh I guess I dozed off

Nell- Now where were we ..Oh ya .showtime(everybody faces the tv and smiles as
nell pushes power on the tv and the sceene freezes)

Next Week On Gimme A Break!

It's a double dose back to back episodes of gimme a break!!!!

((((each epiosde is individual))))

First.....................(Nell's new single Nieghbor has the hots for someone
in her house and it's not her!

Then....................Grandpa is caught robbing a
bank............again!!!!......but is this the real grandpa or the same crook
as last time..............

find out on a double night of double fun.................catch two individual
epiosdes of gimme a break! all in one night on abc!