Fan Fiction

Remembering Glenlawn (Part 1)

Nell- Oh Addy I just cant take it anymore

Addy- Cant take anymore of what?

Nell- Oh you know all of this New York pressure

Addy- huh

Nell- I wanna move back to Glenlawn you fool(she snaps at her and yells)

Addy- But they sold the

Nell- I dont care who sold what . Ever since we moved here it's been the
heater, and the water, and the robbery and the pain, and the.......

Addy- Slow down honey dont cause yourself to feint

Nell- Do I look like I'm gonna feint(she looks at her with big mystical eyes
and pretends to hypnotizes her) Do you think for a minute that I'm going to
forget the chief, the girls, and most of all the house

Addy- Well...

Nell- Well nothing! At least let us take a trip to Glenlawn with grandpa and
the boys and remember what ...we left behind a year ago(she starts to cry and
Addy hugs her)

Addy - Alright, alright! Look if it means this much to you I'll do it! I'll go
with you back to Glenlawn

Nell- Oh Addy thank you, thank you so much, so verry verry much I...

Joey- Aunt Nell

Matthew- Aunt nell

Nell- Boys your home from school this early are ya

Grandpa- Ya I almost lost track of time myself and almost dozed off while
watching young and the restless

Nell- Well we'll all have time to do that on the plane

Joey- Plane?

Grandpa- Nell what are you talking about, what plane? Are we going on a

Nell- No !(she looks forward smiling) We're going home

Gimme a break! now I know what it takes,
It's time to move on and face the real life no matter whats going o-o-on,
Playing with fate, not a moment too late, I'm showing the whole wo-orld
nothing can get me doooooooooooooooooooown, ho-wo-woooooooo,

Gimme a brrreeeeak! Ya , ya,
Gimme a brrreeeeak! Cause I su-ure need o-o-one,
Gimme a brrreeeeak! Duuuude ya,
I finally know where I be-e-lo-o-o-ong,

Gimme a brrreeeeak! Ya ya,
Gimme a brrreeeeak ! Cause I su-ure need o-o-one,
Gimme a brrreeeak! Ya , ya-a-a-a-a
I finally know where I be-e-lo-o-ong,
Gimme a break!


Nell- Oh my God I'm so happy we're back in Glenlawn, we're-w're back in
Glenlawn oh my God!

Addy- calm yourself Nell

Joey- Ya dont get upset aunt Nell

Matthew- Um ya, what he said(smiles)

Grandpa- Well what do you want to do now that we're all back in town

(they all pause)

Nell- Why you little no good rotten...You know what I want(looks at them all

Sam- Nell!

Nell- Dont nell me little lady

Sam- Nell I have't talked at all since Iv'e been on that plane and took that
stupid trip for you

Nell- Stupid trip, is that what this is some stupid trip, i'll give you a (she
pushes her against the wall) stupid tip!

Addy- Nell leave the girl alone

Joey- Nell just calm down ok

Sam- Ya Nell I..

Nell- Oh Samantha be quiet(loooks down and thinks

Grandpa- Lets just all get in the car and do what we all know nell wants us to
do huh

Sam- and what might that be we know that the house is....

Nell- Oh Samantha(snaps at her and looks at her)

Grandpa- Everyone in the car that is going

Nell- listen grandpa can, can we talk

Grandpa- Ahh sure dear what is it

Nell- Why, did, you, sell, the , house, in, the, first,
place.....Aaaaaaaaaaa(snaps at him and looks at him madly)


Nell- Ok the street is just a few blocks away

Joey- Aunt Nell dont get over excited

Matthew- Ya aunt Nell...Whatever he said(smiles)

Sam- nell I...

Nell- Oh Samantha what now(snaps at her)

Sam- I'm sorry Nell I guess I know when I cant  talk

Grandpa- So Nell it's only one block away

Nell(stops the car) Aliright! Now I am sick of all of this pressure from all
of you but it's gone far enough with Samantha

Sam- Me-eee

Nell- Dont be a baby

Sam- But

Nell- Quiiiiiet(she yells and Sam freezes)

Joey - Aunt Nell I...

Nell- Not now Joey

Joey- But aunt Nell I

Nell- Joeynot now

Sam- You see Nell it's just like I said yeas ago you never snap at Joey like
you snap at me

Nell- Shut up hypocryt

Sam- Oh ya i....

Grandpa- Well i cant take.....

Matthew- Aunt Nell I have to go to ......

Joey- Aunt Ne-eeell

Sam- Nell I just wanted to let you know that

Nell- Shut up, shut up, shutup, shut up, shut up, shut up

Addy-(in her mind) Am I the only one who is not arguing right now.........I
guess not....Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!

(everyone stops arguing)

Nell- Addy whats wrong

Addy- Whats wrong? I'll tell you, now you had beter apologize to Sam

Nell- I'm sorry Sam I shouldn't of snapped at you honey

Sam- It's ok Nell(they hug)

Addy- And Joey for not listening o what he had to say

Nell- Oh joey, Joey, Joeym, come here baby, now listen I'm sorry(they hug)

Addy- And for me because your gonna lose your only best friend any minute for
being a bratty arguer all of the time

Nell- Ok Addy I'm sorry ok now can we be friends...Come on, come on, oh please

Addy(smirks) Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaaaaa

Nell- Oh thank you Addy(they hug) Now lets see what was I gonna say...Oh I
remember, Kaniski house here we come

(everyone cheers horray)


Nell- there it is it's just the same as I remembered it.........Oh lets goin
lets watch tv

Joey- Um aunt Nell ...Helloooo-oooooo

Nell- ya baby

Jpey- can I tell you my question now

Nell- sure baby what is it?

Joey- This is not your house anymore

Nell- Oh my god the poor baby is right(nell stares in shock as Sam and matthew
and grandpa all say thatswhat I was gonna say until you told me not to as Nell
continues to stare in shock downwards in a puzzled mood and the scene freezes)

To Be

Next on Gimme a Break!

Nell- Oh what more can I do than to knock, they wont arrest me for it will

(everyone stares at nell in disbelief and faces in which they are telling her
"we told you so that she'd get arrestedif she charges in"

Kathleen- Hello , Oh what may i do for you

Nell- (looks into the living room to see that it has changed and points inside
of it and cries

Kathleen- wont you come on it

Nell- ok th-th-th-th-thank you(glimpses into the kitchen and wants to go in
there) May I see your kitchen

Kathleen- Sure go right ahead

Nell- (cries)

Kathleen- Is something wrong ma'am?

Nell- This used to be my house and granpa sold it to you that old fart(cries)

Kathleen- Well e are thinking f selling if we get the right priice we want

Nell- Oh ya abnd how much may that b-b-b-be

Kathleen(looks at Nell )

Nell( stares at her and laughs)