Fan Fiction

Gimme a Break in Super Stardom

The year; 1996.  Addy Wilson arrives in a cab coming back from
Washington DC, to New York City, to visit Nell & the boys.  When she
arrived @ the basement apartment, a white guy answered the door.
     "Nell Harper?" she asked.
     "Nell moved out years ago." said the man, then closed the door.  
     Addy was worried about Nell until she saw the new landlady,
Maggie O'Brien!
     "Addy, how have you been?" she yelled as they hugged.
     "All right!" said Addy asking, "Where's Nell, Joey & Matt?"
     "Come to my apartment & I'll explain everything!" said Maggie.
     Maggie had Addy over as she served her some cake & coffee in the
kitchen.  Then they sat as Maggie explained,
     "Back in 1991, Nell's church had a block party.  Joey & Matt
Donovan performed together.  After their gig, an agent discovered them
& they became teen idols!  Check this out!"
     They went to the living room as Maggie placed a video tape in. 
On the tape, The Brothers Donovan were crusin' on twin electra glide
motorcycles.  Then they stopped, took off their helmets as Joey said,
     "You wanna be cool when driving a motorcycle, wear a helmet. 
Saves lives!"
     Then Matt said,
     "You think that drinking's cool while driving, it's a dead end
road!  Stay sober!"
     The commercial ended as they drove away.  Maggie stopped the tape.
     "That commercial was made when Matt turned 16 & got his driver's
license!" said Maggie.
     "What about Nell?" asked Addy.
     "When Joey & Matt got famous, they fixed Nell up good.  They
moved her on up, to the east side.  To a deluxe apartment in the sky! 
She lives rent free!"
     "I'm so happy for her!" she exclaimed, "Where does she live?"
     Maggie got the address from the phone book & said,
     "It's the Pierce Elevated Apartments located on the corner of
Jefferson & Pease on 1919 Jefferson."
     Addy finished her coffee & cake, then headed out to hail a taxi. 
Just then, another taxi approached.  Out of the taxi came Tim Donovan,
Joey & Matt's real father.
     "Can you tell me where I could find Nell Harper?" asked Tim.
     Maggie came out & said, "She moved on up, to the east side.  To a
deluxe apartment in the sky."
     "I suppose you finally want your piece of the pie!" quipped Addy.  
     Then a kid voice coming out of the taxi sang,
     "Fish don't fry in the kitchen.  Beans don't burn on the grill!"
     "Enough with 'The Jeffersons' pun!" yelled Addy as she told Tim,
"If you wanna see Nell, you'll have to ride with me."
     "Great, I got her final surprise for her." said Tim as they got
into the taxi & went over to the Pierce Elevated Apartments.  Addy was
surprise to see who was in the cab.
     At the apartments, the fussy desk clerk wouldn't let them in.
     "Where did you riff-raffs come from?" he asked.
     "We happen to be friends of Nell Harper." snapped Addy.
     "If you're friends of Nell Harper, I'll visit Harlem."
     Just then, the elevator dinged as Nell Harper came out.  She was
surprised to see Addy after all those years.
     "Hope you enjoy Harlem!" quipped Addy as the desk clerk was
embarrassed.  Then Tim came & said,
     "Nell, this is my final son, Andy Donovan."
     Andy came to her doing his Jim Carrey Mask impression & said,
     "I'm smokin' over you!  Will you be mine?"
     "Sure!" said Nell hugging him, "But don't ever smoke for real!"
     "I suppose they can live with you since you're our rent free
customer." said the desk clerk, "I sure hope the little boy doesn't
decide to take up playing the drums."
     "Not in a few years!" said Andy as Nell, Addy & Andy went up to
her penthouse suite #2119.  They were impressed with all the
decorative furniture, kitchen & bedrooms.  Andy saw one bedroom that
was decorated with Brothers Donovan pictures.
     "You like the Donovans?" asked Andy, "I like their music!"
     "Those are your brothers!" explained Nell.
     "No way!"
     "Cool!" exclaimed Andy, "When can I see them?"
     "In a few days when they appear on Roger & Mary Lou LIVE!" said
Nell, showing the tickets to the show.
     So Nell had Addy & Andy live with her to keep her company.
     A few days later that morning, Nell, Addy & Andy had VIP seats
for the popular talk show, Roger & Mary Lou LIVE!  We join the show as
they're playing Trivia Wheel with a home viewer.
     "Are we speaking with Harry Glasscock?" asked Roger.
     "Call me Uncle Hootsie!" said the elderly man, "I'm 75 years
young & from Bandera, Texas!"
     "You watch our show?" asked Mary Lou.
     "Not any more.  Your show killed The Prize Is Priced in San
Antonio!  I told them people @ the station that was a dumb move, their
brains should be spayed & neutered!"
     "Geez, what a grouch!" sighed Roger.
     "You got that right, I'm one of the 3 Ole Grouches in Bandera!"
quipped Uncle Hootsie.
     "Who entered you?" asked Mary Lou.
     "Probably my wise guy niece, Alice."
     Roger spun the wheel & the wheel landed on Geography.  Roger
asked the question;
     "Shreveport, Louisiana.  Dallas, Texas.  Augusta, Georgia &
Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  What Interstate highway goes through those
     "What do I look like?  A 20 year old whiz kid?" complained Uncle
     "20 is correct!" exclaimed Roger as the audience applauded,
"Interstate 20 goes through all those cities!"
     Mary Lou asked, "Please pick an envelope from 1-100."
     "Bandera's highway is 16!"
     Mary Lou opened envelope #16 & the old man won $2,000!
     "Now you can buy a satelite dish to catch Prize Is Priced." said
     "Looks that way!" said Uncle Hootsie (weeks later, another San
Antonio station returned The Prize Is Priced after hearing that
Bandera grouch.  Uncle Hootsie saved his $2,000).
     20 minutes later, Roger announced,
     "These two boys are on every girls' bedroom.  Starting their 2nd
tour they call 'Wheels', by driving thier motorcycles from stop to
stop, here's Joey & Matt, The Brothers Donovan!"
     Girls screamed seeing the famous rock duo as Nell cried.  The
boys performed a ballad with Matt playing electric guitar & Joey on
piano.  Matt & Joey took turns lead singing & soloing on their
instruments.  They sang a song about their Aunt Nell!  When they were
through, girls screamed as they were about to get interviewed.
     MARY LOU  Who's Aunt Nell?
     JOEY  She's our foster parent who took care of
            us when we were kids.
     ROGER  Matt, you still play the same guitar.  How
             did you get that guitar?
     MATT  When I was a kid, I was friends (& still
            am) with local jazz guitarist, Larry
     Roger & Mary Lou's house band had Larry playing the guitar.  He
went over to Matt & shook hands with him.  He was proud of his student.
     ROGER  What's the biggest challenge you ever
             had in your music careers.
     JOEY & MATT  Our TV-Movie, Rock Switch.
     JOEY  We played a rock duo who didn't agree on
            anything about our careers.  So we switched
            places.  Matt had to learn to play the 
            piano & I learned how to play the guitar.
            Matt & I are coming out with a music video
            where we both play electric guitars!
     (Girls scream)
     MARY LOU  What's next after your "Wheels" tour?
     MATT  We're working on a tv series, Super Cool
            Brotherly Love.  We play motorcycle racers
            & double as super heroes.  Should be on
     JOEY  Our show's very educational & informative.
     ROGER  Thanks for being on our show!
     (Fans scream)
     About an hour later, Joey & Matt met Nell, Addy & their new
brother, Andy Donovan.  Joey was upset.
     "Dad dumped another one on you?" he asked, "It's bad enough we
never grew up with a father!"
     "Your father was divorced!" said Nell, "He had too many problems
& couldn't support kids.  So he left you with someone trusting.  And
I'm very proud of both you boys!"
     Just then, Tim entered.
     "Joey, Matt.  I'm sorry you never had a real dad.  And I didn't
come asking for money because of your success.  All I ask is
forgiveness.  Can you see it through your hearts?"
     Joey & Matt hugged their father & Aunt Nell.
     Months later, Andy Donovan did get his very own drum set & had a
padded room to keep the drumming quiet so it wouldn't disturb the
tennants.  The doorbell rang as Nell answered it.  It was the teen
     "Aunt Nell." said Joey, "QBC had a great idea.  Where's Andy?"
     The brothers followed the sound of the drumming as Andy's playing
his drums.
     "WOW!  Joey & Matt's back!" exclaimed Andy.
     "Andy, how would you like to be a star?" asked Matt, "QBC wants a
boy to be on Super Cool Brotherly Love.  How would you like to play a
boy super hero who drives a junior motorcycle?"
     "COOL!" he said, "Can I play the drums?"
     "Yeah!" said Joey, "Matt & I are gonna play our guitars on the
     Nell was sorry to see Andy go.  But Joey also said,
     "We also bought you a new house in California."
     Nell was delighted to be near her boys again!
     The fall tv season & on QBC, Nell watched Super Cool Brotherly
Love.  She saw her boys in super hero outfits, driving motorcycles,
fighting crime!  And the show always ends with a musical number!  The
series was loved by both kids & parents since it was educational &