Fan Fiction

Gimme a Break in Joey's Combo

The year, 1991; Addy moved to Washington DC.  Nell, Joey & Matt
still lived in New York.  Joey was 15 & starting high school, Matt was
11 & in his last year in grade school.  Nell worked @ her church.
     Nell told the boys that there's going to be a block party that
coming weekend.
     "It's been a long time since you two performed together." said
Nell, "You would be perfect!"
     "Count me in Aunt Nell!" exclaimed Matt, "I donated my baby
electric guitar away when Larry Rossolini gave me his hollowed-bodied
     "No way, Aunt Nell." said Joey, "I don't wanna work with my whiny
brother.  Especially that stupid song he sang @ the Italian restaurant."
     "Do that song!" begged Nell as Matt played the guitar & sang,
     "Hey Rio, look Rio.  There's a piglet in your bar.
      Say Rio, look Rio.  There's a piglet in your bar.
      Now he can't drink wine or tequila or rum,
      Doesn't want to be a booze bum.
      Hey Rio, look Rio.  Feed him slop in the pigpen!"
     Nell was cheering & Joey groaned & said,'
     "BOO!  That's a dumb song about a baby hog raised in a Mexican
     "That's a cute song you wrote." said Nell, "I like it, Larry
liked it,"
     "Lainie booed Matt!" quipped Joey, "My music's different since I
got a better keyboard.  Hip hop, rock, rap, modern.  The day I let
Matt play music with me is when two male contestants play 'The $45,000
     "You're impossible!" said Matt. (The $45,000 Pentagon's a
celebrity-contestant game show.  It always had two female contestants
with a male player once every 4 shows [just like the Olympics] just to
please celebrity regular J.P. White).
     While Nell went grocery shopping, Joey was working out with the
dumbbells while Matt played the guitar.  The doorbell rang as Joey
answered it.  It was his best friend, Danny.
     "What's going on?" asked Joey as Danny sat down on the sofa.
     "I met a dude who plays bass guitar.  He wants to start a band,
Hormone Heartthrob!"
     "Weird name." said Joey.
     "I told him you could play keyboard & sing." said Danny, "With me
on the drums, we could get discovered!'
     "COOL!" as they slapped hands.
     "Why not tell him I can play the guitar?" asked Matt.
     Danny turned to him & said, "Our band doesn't allow boys under
12, who play 6 string guitars, especially that loser guitar you play. 
No Matt, you can't join!"
     "I know, $45,000 Pentagon." sighed Matt as Joey told Danny,
     "It's a personal joke.  How about we hit the mall?"
     "Cool." said Danny.  Matt didn't even bother to ask as they left.
     30 minutes later, Matt was going through the photo album.  He saw
a picture of him & Joey when they first met, getting a baby electric
guitar & amp for Christmas, him & Joey forming a combo, Joey playing
piano & singing in the school talent show, pics from Jr. Talent Deal,
him & Larry performing @ the Italian restaurant.
     Nell entered with some groceries as Matt helped her out.
     "Where's Joey?" she asked.
     "At the mall with Danny." he said, "Aunt Nell, you think Joey
hates me?"

     Nell saw the photo album out & hugged Matt for sympathy.
     "Joey's starting high school & wants to try to be popular.  He
doesn't mean to ignore you.  But he doesn't hate you."
     The next school morning, Matt was dressed for school & Joey wore
a vest, cap, leather pants & cool sneakers.
     "Joey Donovan!" snapped Nell, "You trying to be another Vanilla
     "Aunt Nell," explained Joey grabbing his keyboard, "I got an
audition for a band, Hormone Heartthrob."
     "You put some regular clothes on, rock star!" ordered Nell, "If
you go out looking like that, I'll ground you.  You can grab your
keyboard after school.  Carry some books instead!"
     After school, Matt was doing his homework while Joey changed into
his rock star outfit.  Then he took his keyboard.
     "Aunt Nell's not going to like it." said Matt.
     "And if someone tells, I'll smash your guitar!" said Joey as he
left for Danny's.
     At Danny's, Joey, Danny & Mark, the bass guitarist, played music
as Joey sang & played keyboards.  When they took a break, Mark looked
@ Joey's outfit.
     "Cool!  You fit the image for our band!  How about a drink?" as
he got 3 cans.  Joey drank his & realized it was beer in disguise.  So
he spat it out!
     "We're underaged to drink!" pointed Joey.
     "Relax." said Mark, "All rock stars drink beer!"
     "Not me!" said Joey as Danny & Mark spritz beer all over his
     "Why don't you go back to your 6-string loser, Matt!" heckled
     "I will!" yelled Joey, "And don't call my brother a loser!  I
quit!"  He walked off with his keyboard.
     When he arrived home, Nell got after him good.
     "You think it's fine to dress up as a rock star!  And now you
think you can drink beer!" smelled it on him.
     "Aunt Nell," pleaded Joey.
     "You're grounded till college!" she yelled, "No ball games,
dances, the prom & graduation!"
     Just then, the phone rang as Nell answered it.
     "Danny.  Joey can't talk to anyone till college!  What?  Really. 
You did.  I see.  Thanks.  Bye."
     Nell got off the phone & said,
     "Danny's grounded too.  he told me you walked out on the band,
after they spritz beer @ you."
     "I said NO, Aunt Nell!" cried Joey, "I tried to explain, but you
     "Joey, you're grounding's suspended." said Nell, "You did the
right thing.  Don't let beer, cigarettes or drugs get in the way of
your dreams.  Why not start a duo with Matt."
     "Oh Joey!" Matt called as we went to him watching tv.  Joey
started to scream in horror!
     "Two male contestants on The $45,000 Pentagon?" quipped Nell.
     "The female contestant got pregnant & J.P. White's throwing a
fit!" said Matt laughing!
     That weekend @ the block party, Joey ate crow, keeping his
promise.  Joey & Matt Donovan performed @ the block party.  Joey
played his keyboard, Matt played his new guitar.  They sang songs
together, Joey would sing solo on some songs, Matt would sing solo on
other songs.  Joey was proud of Matt's improved guitar playing.  Nell
was proud of both boys.  When they finished, a talent agent discovered
Joey & Matt and signed them to a record deal.  That's how they became
the teen heartthrob duo, The Brothers Donovan!