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This episode guide contains the title, original airdate, brief summary, and guest stars when available. 35 total half-hour episodes were made during Fish's season and a half on the air. Episodes are in the production order (order the episodes were actually made), the episode guide is from the book 153 Television Episode Guides by Joel Eisner, copyright 1983. If you have any additional details about the episode or guest stars, please e-mail me.

1. The Really Longest Day (original airdate: 02/05/77)

Fish and Bernice meet the five kids who will be part of their group home.

2. The Car (02/12/77)

Mike spends the night in jail after joyriding in Fish's car.

3. Cold Cash (02/26/77)

Fish finds that Victor is involved in a numbers game.

4. Power Play (02/19/77)

The furnace isn't working, the house is freezing, and Diane says she wants to have Charlie's baby.

5. Bernice's Problem (03/19/77)

Bernice can't cope with the kids, so she seeks professional help.

6. The Neighbors (03/26/77)

Bernice throws a party for the neighbors so they can meet their kids.

Guest stars: Howard Honig, K Callan, Queenie Smith

7. Fire (04/02/77)

Everyone thinks Victor burned down a house in the neighborhood.

Guest star: Steve Landesberg

8. The Social Worker (04/09/77)

A social worker threatens to replace Fish and Bernice when she sees how the house is run.

Guest star: Vicky Huxtable

9. Fish and Roots (04/16/77)

Charlie asks an African student to talk to Loomis, who has become a racist after watching "Roots."

Guest star: Herbert Jefferson, Jr.

10. Anniversary (04/30/77)

Diane sneaks off with her boyfriend on a date, when Fish and Bernice celebrate their 36th wedding anniversary at a hotel.

Guest star: Dennis Maury

11. Fish's Job (03/12/77)

Bored and restless, Fish takes a job as a security guard.

12. The Adoption (06/02/77)

Everyone misses Victor, who is away with his prospective foster parents.

13. The New Kid (08/13/77)

A young Puerto Rican thief invades Fish's house.

Guest star: David Yanez

14. The Missing Fish (09/17/77)

Fish starts out for his last day at the station but never arrives.

Note: The story concludes with the two-oart episode "Goodbye Mr. Fish," on "Barney Miller".

15. Retirement Blues (09/24/77)

Fish gets drunk with a neighbor, who is also a retired person.

Guest star: Ralph Manza

16. Fish Behind Bars (Part 1) (10/01/77)

Fish refuses to join a senior citizens group.

Guest stars: Alvin Childress, Ivor Francis

17. Fish Behind Bars (Part 2) (10/01/77)

Charlie tries to charm the social worker who wants to replace Fish because he is in jail.

Guest stars: Vicky Huxtable, Peter Hobbs

18. Fish and the Rock Star (10/15/77)

Fish considers taking a job as chief of security to a rock star.

Guest stars: John Lansing, Judith Baldwin

19. Fish's Daughter (10/22/77)

Fish refuses to give his okay when his daughter plans to marry a man 25 years older than she.

Guest stars: Phillip Sterling, Adrien Royce

20. Jilly's Job (11/05/77)

Jilly gets a modeling job but she doesn't know that she will have to pose in the nude.

21. A Fish Christmas (12/20/77)

Fish is putting a downer on the kids' first Christmas together.

22. Mike's Career (01/13/78)

Mike's patron for his singing career is a rich divorcee.

Guest star: Dorothy Green

23. Close Encounters of a Fishy Kind (01/12/78)

A neighbor claims he was inside a UFO.

Guest star: Sean McClory

24. The Million Dollar Misunderstanding (01/19/78)

A computer sends Fish an enormous pension check.

25. A Fine Kettle of Fish (01/26/78)

While Bernice is away, Fish visits with an attractive widow.

Guest star: Erica Yohn

26. Charlie Resigns (02/02/78)

Charlie resigns after being treated like a child.

Guest star: Vicky Huxtable

27. Love in Bloom (02/09/78)

Fish gives Diane's boyfriend macho lessons.

28. It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog (02/23/78)

Fish finds his name in the obituaries and the kids bring home a dog.

Guest star: Ned Glass

29. Sweet Sixteen (03/09/78)

Jilly wants birth control pills for her 16th birthday.

30. Love Thy Neighbor (03/02/78)

Fish's secret admirer helps out when Bernice sprains her ankle.

Guest star: Erica Yohn

31. A Pinch of Class (05/04/78)

Diane gets appendicitis and the house gets redecorated.

32. For the Love of Mike (05/11/78)

Mike's new girlfriend is a rich girl who likes expensive things.

Guest star: Stacey Nelkin

33. The Chief Fish (05/18/78)

Fish plans to take a job as Chief of Police in a Southern town.

34. Fire and Ice (03/23/78)

Fish and Bernice fight over reupholstering the couch.

35. Seperation (11/14/77)

Fish and Bernice have a fight and decide to separate.

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