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"The page is impressive and, if you don't mind my saying, more than a tad frightening."

-Steve Mond (former Diff'rent Strokes cast member - Robbie Jayson)

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Diff'rent Strokes on DVD:

Diff'rent Strokes - The Complete First Season

When two kids from Harlem find themselves in the lap of luxury with their newly adopted family, the Drummonds, nothing is ever ordinary again. Young Arnold, his brother Willis, and new sister Kimberly learn to love and accept each other with the guidance of their father and housekeeper Mrs. Garrett. This '80s favorite became a pop culture phenomenon by providing nonstop laughter while breaking through cultural barriers. And now the complete First Season is available for the first time on DVD!

Special features: "A Look Back at Diff'rent Strokes" featurette with all new interviews from Todd Bridges, Conrad Bain and Charlotte Rae; "Whatchoo Talkin' Bout?" featurette on Gary Coleman; 3 Audio Commentaries with writer Fred Rubin

Purchase Diff'rent Strokes - The Complete First Season

Read our review of The Complete First Season

Diff'rent Strokes - The Complete Second Season

The hit series DIFF'RENT STROKES is back for a second season of laugh-filled comedy and warm, human drama. Audiences loved the hilarious culture clash between wealthy Philip Drummond (Conrad Bain), Arnold (Gary Coleman) and Willis (Todd Bridges), the sons of his late housekeeper from Harlem and his daughter Kimberly (Dana Plato). The series continued to explore race relations through its comedic story lines, and also featured a dazzling array of guest stars, including the legendary Muhammad Ali and baseball great Reggie Jackson. During the second season, Arnold and Willis were officially adopted by Mr. Drummond. Also, midway through the season, Mrs. Garrett (Charlotte Rae) left the Drummonds to work at the Eastlake School for Girls (as seen in the hugely successful spin-off TV series "The Facts of Life"), and was replaced by Nedra Volz as the new housekeeper, Adelaide Brubaker. Experience the charm of DIFF'RENT STROKES and watch its evolution into a TV classic!

Purchase Diff'rent Strokes - The Complete Second Season

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Diff'rent Strokes - The Complete Third Season

Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges return as brothers Arnold and Willis Jackson for another season of family fun and life lessons. During the third season, Arnold and Willis get held hostage by bank robbers, Mr. Drummond (Conrad Bain) celebrates his 50th birthday in the hospital, Kimberly (Dana Plato) helps a pregnant girlfriend, and Arnold "the great" goes missing after a more-than-effective disappearing act. Diff'rent Strokes never shied away from the social and cultural issues at hand, but always managed to deliver laughs and heartfelt character development from week to week.

Purchase Diff'rent Strokes - The Complete Third Season on DVD

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Diff'rent Strokes - The Complete Fourth Season

Arnold and Willis are back for another season of one of television's most memorable sitcoms! During the fourth season, Arnold (Gary Coleman) lands in trouble with the law when he tries to join the Gooch’s private club, Willis (Todd Bridges) sues the basketball team when he is replaced by another player, Kimberly (Dana Plato) goes on a forbidden weekend skiing trip and Mr. Drummond (Conrad Bain) learns of a love child he had while serving in the Korean War. One of the true classics from the golden era of TV sitcoms, Diff’rent Strokes focused heavily on family values, social issues and big laughs .

Purchase Diff'rent Strokes - The Complete Fourth Season on DVD

Read our review of The Complete Fourth Season

Todd Bridges' Book:

Killing Willis: From Diff'rent Strokes to the Mean Streets to the Life I Always Wanted

Killing Willis: From Diff'rent Strokes to the Mean Streets to the Life I Always Wanted

The former child star—best known as Willis Jackson on Diff’rent Strokes—shares the shocking but inspirational details of his struggles with addiction, brushes with the law, and fierce fight to carve a path through the darkness and find his true identity.

For Todd Bridges early stardom was no protection from painful childhood events that paved the road to his own personal hell. One of the first African-American child actors on shows like Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, and Roots, Bridges burst to the national forefront on the hit sitcom Diff’rent Strokes as the subject of the popular catchphrase, "What’chu Talkin About Willis?" When the show ended, Bridges was overwhelmed by the off-camera traumas he had faced. Turning to drugs as an escape, he soon lost control.

Now, for the first time, Bridges opens up about his life before and after Diff’rent Strokes: the incredible reversals of fortune brought on by fame and the precipitous—and very public—descent that followed; the persecution from police; the drug addiction that nearly consumed him; the criminal charges that almost earned him a life sentence; and his successful legal defense led by Johnnie Cochran. Through it all, Bridges never relented in his quest to fight his way back from the abyss, establish his own identity—separate from Willis Jackson—and offer his ordeal as a positive example for those struggling to overcome similar challenges. His triumphant story of recovery and redemption is recounted here as well.

Todd Bridges has lived a life of remarkable twists and turns—from the greatest heights to the lowest lows imaginable. In this shocking but ultimately hopeful memoir, he proves that what he was really talking about was survival.

Buy Killing Willis: From Diff'rent Strokes to the Mean Streets to the Life I Always Wanted

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Diff'rent Strokes

  • 08/06/18: Remembering Charlotte Rae of The Facts of Life, Diff'rent Strokes

    Charlotte Rae -- Mrs. Garrett from TV's 'The Facts of Life,' 'Diff'rent Strokes' -- dies at 92

    Charlotte Rae, Mrs. Garrett on Facts of Life and Diff’rent Strokes, dies at 92

    Charlotte Rae on Wikipedia / IMDB

    Share your memories on our message board.

    Diff'rent Strokes

  • 12/14/17: MeTV January 2018 Schedule Has Diff'rent Strokes

    Diff'rent Strokes is coming to The MeTV Network this January! The Gary Coleman sitcom will launch on January 1 airing weekday mornings at 6:30am and Sundays from 3-4pm, both following The Facts of Life. The series was previously on Antenna TV a few years back.

  • 03/06/17: Remembering Sitcom Writer and Producer Howard Leeds

    Conrad Bain, Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges

  • 11/19/13: ENCORE Networks Acquire Classic Sitcoms: Amen, Diff'rent Strokes, What's Happening, 227, Murphy Brown, Night Court

    Conrad Bain

  • 01/16/13: Remembering Conrad Bain, Antenna TV Pays Tribute with Maude, Diff'rent Strokes Marathons

    Conrad Bain Dies at 89

    Share your memories on our message board.

    View photos in our photo galleries.

    Conrad Bain at IMDB / Wikipedia / Yahoo

    Antenna TV

  • 11/15/12: Antenna TV Acquires Diff'rent Strokes

    Whatchoo talkin' bout? Antenna TV will add the classic '80s sitcom Diff'rent Strokes to its regular lineup on Wednesday, January 2, 2013! We hinted that a new show would be coming in January, now it is official! The Gary Coleman sitcom will be airing Mondays & Wednesdays from 9-11pm ET and also on Sunday nights from 10-11pm ET. In addition, current Sunday night staples, WKRP in Cincinnati and Barney Miller, will be moving to weeknights this January! Antenna TV will also add Antenna TV Theater, a Saturday night primetime movie block. We will have more on the actual schedule for January next month, so stay with us!

    Diff'rent Strokes - The Complete Fourth Season

    Purchase Diff'rent Strokes - The Complete Fourth Season on DVD

    Read our review of Diff'rent Strokes - The Complete Fourth Season on DVD

  • 08/13/12: 'The Complete 4th Season' is Scheduled by Shout! for DVD

    Diff'rent Strokes - The Complete Third Season

  • 07/06/12: Read our review of Diff'rent Strokes - The Complete Third Season on DVD

    Pre-order Diff'rent Strokes - The Complete Third Season on DVD

  • 04/06/12: 'Season 3' DVDs! Whatchoo Talkin' 'Bout, Shout! Factory? **UPDATE: Box Art**

    Gary Coleman

    Google News / TMZ / Wikipedia / IMDB / Gary Coleman Photos

  • 06/03/10: Gary Coleman's Estranged Parents Seeking Custody of His Remains

    Parents to Fight for Gary Coleman's Remains as Todd Bridges Announces "Secret Will"

    Gary Coleman's Ex-Wife Explains Why She Took Him Off Life Support

    Todd Bridges on Gary Coleman: 'He Wasn't Prepared'

  • 06/02/10: Inside Gary Coleman's Tragic Life and Sudden Death

    Gary Coleman's Secret Divorce and Increasingly Strange Death

    Charlotte Rae on Gary Coleman

    Hospital: Coleman's Ex Had Right to Decide His Fate

    Gary Coleman Divorced from Shannon Price

    Gary Coleman Police Report -- 'Nothing Suspicious'

    Gary Coleman 911 Call -- 'Blood Everywhere'

    Gary Coleman's Wife Resisted Giving Him Emergency Aid

  • 05/29/10: Gary Coleman's Heartbroken Parents Want Answers About His Death

  • 05/28/10: 'Diff'rent Strokes' actor Gary Coleman dies at 42 (CNN)

    'Diff'rent Strokes' star Gary Coleman dies (AP)

    R.I.P. Gary. You will be greatly missed by all your fans. Post your condolences on our message board. View our tribute at Sitcoms Online.

    Bio TV will remember Gary by airing a block of Biography episodes on Wednesday, June 2, 2010. Biography: Dana Plato airs at 8pm, Biography: Diff'rent Strokes airs at 9pm, Biography Remembers: Gary Coleman airs at 10pm and The Truth Behind the Sitcom Scandals: Gilligan's Island & Diff'rent Strokes airs at 11pm. Stay tuned for further updates.

    Me-TV (Chicago) will air a tribute marathon of Diff'rent Strokes for Gary Coleman on Saturday (May 29) from 11a-7p.

    David Hasselhoff Remembers Gary Coleman

    Rare photos of Gary Coleman and Shavar Ross

    Paul Petersen of A Minor Consideration Remembers Gary Coleman

    BET - Remembering Gary Coleman: take a look at the life and career of the former child star

    Troubled lives for child stars of Coleman's sitcom

    In Memoriam: The Top 5 "Arnold Jackson" Moments

    Gary Coleman's death: 'Diff'rent Strokes' co-stars Todd Bridges, Charlotte Rae react; others pay tribute

    Diff'rent Strokes Co-Star Mary Jo Catlett Recalls Gary Coleman was "A Joy to Work With"

    Gary Coleman's Comedy Legacy

    Gary Coleman: Child Star's Rise and Fall (20/20 video segment from 05/14/99)

  • 05/28/10: Gary Coleman, 'Diff'rent Strokes' Star, 'Unconscious, on Life Support'

  • 05/27/10: Child TV star Gary Coleman hospitalized in Utah

    Tyler Lambert and Dana Plato

  • 05/12/10: Son of the Late Dana Plato Commits Suicide / Google News search for more articles

    Some photos of Dana and Tyler:

    Photo #1 / Photo #2 / Photo #3 / Photo #4 / Photo #5

    Our condolences to his family and friends. Such a heartbreaking story.

  • 04/24/10: Gary Coleman and Estranged Wife Back Together (They Are Also Adding to Their Family)

    Dixie Carter

  • 04/12/10: Remembering Dixie Carter

  • 03/18/10: Todd Bridges getting divorced

  • 03/16/10: Todd Bridges Says Gary Coleman is "very mad at the world"

  • 03/15/10: Todd Bridges Book Reveals Affair with Dana Plato & How She Introduced Him to Drugs

  • 03/07/10: Todd Bridges Found God & is A Changed Man

  • 03/07/10: Gary Coleman is Now the Lead Singer of a Hard Rock Band Called Big G Willis

  • 02/26/10: Gary Coleman Suffers A Seizure While Taping TV Interview

  • 02/20/10: Conrad Bain Looks the SAME After all these Years!

  • 02/09/10: Former Oklahoma Child Actor’s (Danny Cooksey) Career Thriving 20 Years Later

  • 01/24/10: Gary Coleman Arrested for Domestic Violence

  • 01/14/10: The Movie Gary Coleman Doesn't Want You to See, is Now Available on DVD

  • 01/06/10: Gary Coleman Hospitalized

  • 08/31/09: Front/Rear Box Art, Episode List for Sony's 'Diff'rent: Fan Favorites' DVD

  • 08/12/09: Gary Coleman's Latest Job...Selling French Fries And Fortune Telling

  • 08/12/09: Dana Plato on the Sally Jessy Raphael Show on August 14, 1991

  • 07/15/09: Gary Coleman & Todd Bridges At The Chicago Comic Con Aug. 6-9 2009

  • 07/02/09: Wife of Actor Gary Coleman Arrested in Utah

  • 05/08/09: Still Remembering and Missing Dana 10 Years Later

    In Memory of Dana Plato Tribute Video by DanaPlato4ever

  • 05/01/09: Gary Coleman Rips Apart New Movie in Press Junket with Director Standing There

  • 04/07/09: Gary Coleman Ungrateful for Starring Role in Movie, Blames it for Marital Strain

  • 03/31/09: Diff'rent Strokes Biography Episode on the Biography Channel

    On Wednesday (April 1), they will air Biography: 'Diff'rent Strokes' at 10pm ET/PT (with an encore at 2am ET/PT, if you miss it). What do a softcore porn star-turned-armed robber, a rehabilitated coke addict, and a bankrupt 4'8" 40-year-old have in common? They were the child stars of Diff'rent Strokes, the popular NBC/ABC sitcom that aired from the late '70s to the mid '80s. From what happened behind the scenes to what went wrong after the cameras stopped rolling, we'll find out what the gang was really talkin' about when Gary Coleman would ask, "Wha'choo talkin' 'bout, Willis?" Yes, you may think another special on this series? Biography has never done a special on the show itself, so it is all-new, but I wonder if we will learn anything different from the other specials like E! True Hollywood Story? Tune in to find out!

    The Dana Plato Biography special will re-air 9pm ET/PT and 1AM ET/PT.

  • 03/11/09: Gary Coleman Returns to the Big Screen in a Starring Role!

  • 02/28/09: Todd Bridges Puts Aside Acting for a Career in Pro Wrestling

  • 02/18/09: Judge Rules Gary Coleman Deposition Won't Be Released

  • 12/31/08: Gary Coleman Has Habit of Police Involvement

  • 11/15/08: Gary Coleman Talks About Childhood Fame

  • 10/28/08: Conrad Bain Discusses Atrial Defibrillation and Thought Field Therapy (TFT)

  • 10/14/08: Gary Coleman Pleads Not Guilty to Reckless Driving, Disorderly Conduct

  • 10/03/08: ET: Gary Coleman Out of Control

  • 09/17/08: Gary Coleman Formally Charged with Reckless Driving

  • 09/07/08: Man Run Over Outside Bowling Alley By Gary Coleman

  • 08/18/08: BET Schedule Update

    All the Sony Pictures sitcoms they have are all expiring at the end of August and they will not be renewing them, unfortunately. So you will not see Diff'rent Strokes, Thea, Sanford, and Malcolm & Eddie in September. Yes, The Steve Harvey Show is from Sony but that is not part of that package and thus Harvey is not expiring.

    Diff'rent Strokes (weekdays 9-11am) will have a missing episode finally aired on BET. The episode "Bulimia" has never aired on BET because the tape they had was damaged...but now BET has gotten a new one and will air it on Thursday, Aug. 21 at 9:30am, so get those VCRs/DVRs ready! Speaking of Diff'rent Strokes, it will have a five-episode block in primetime on Saturday, August 23 from 8pm-10:30pm, followed by a five-episode block of A Different World from 10:30pm-1am. The episodes will be multiple-part storylines. View the episode info for this stunt.

    That's not all for Diff'rent Strokes! On its last day of airing, BET will give it a proper send-off with an all-day marathon on Friday, August 29 from 9am-6pm. We don't have episode info yet for that stunt, but should by next week, so keep checking our Diff'rent Strokes message board.

  • 08/02/08: What you talkin' bout, ump? Gary Coleman ejected from game

    Dody goodman

  • 06/23/08: Dody Goodman (Aunt Sophia) Dies at 93

  • 06/06/08: Biography: Dana Plato re-airs on The Biography Channel on Wednesday, June 18 at 10PM ET/PT and on Thursday, June 19 at 2AM ET/PT

  • 05/01/08: Diff'rent Strokes no longer encoring in the afternoon - 4 new episodes per day - Marathon Scheduled for May 26 from 9am-7pm

    Gary Coleman

  • 04/28/08: Gary Coleman to Appear on Divorce Court on May 1 and 2

    Dana Plato

    The Biography Channel aired a special on Dana Plato on Tuesday, April 15. It had premiered at 4AM on one night in December. We will let you know when it airs again or is available on DVD.

    Biography: Dana Plato. Chronicles the tragic life of the Diff'rent Strokes star who died of a drug overdose at 35. Born to an unwed, teenage mother, Plato was put up for adoption. She appeared in her first TV ad when she was just 7, and at age 14 she was hired for Diff'rent Strokes. Six years later she was forced to leave the show when she became pregnant. Plato then languished in the world of B-movies and even soft core pornography, all the while struggling with an addiction to prescription drugs and alcohol. Plato's rise and fall continues to have a haunting effect on the culture of child celebrity in Hollywood. CC HD [TVPG]

  • 04/28/08: Some updates on a couple of recurring cast members who have contacted me in the past

    Shavar Ross

    Shavar Ross, who played Dudley Ramsey, is an up and coming film director and operates his own film and television production company, Tri-Seven Entertainment. Lord Help Us (released in May 2007), an inspirational urban romantic comedy starring American Idol‘s Nadia Turner, Oscar nominee Margaret Avery (The Color Purple), Debra Wilson (MADtv, Scary Movie 4), comedian Joe Clair (B.E.T.'s Rap City, Take the Cake), Grammy-Award winning singer Al Jarreau and many others marked his feature film directorial debut. The movie is currently in stores nationwide on DVD and on Amazon.com among many others.

    Visit his Official Website.

    Here are a few of his Diff'rent Strokes related posts:

    Shavar Meets Kareem Abdul-Jabaar on the set of Diff'rent Strokes
    Shavar Remembers Dana Plato
    Shavar Talks About Gary Coleman
    Shavar Reviews the Behind the Camera Diff'rent Strokes TV Movie

    Nikki Swasey

    Updated Mach 2012: Nikki is still working as an Assistant Director. She's worked on films like "The 40 Year Old Virgin" and "Superbad." She has worked in television on the "Just Jordan" and "So Random" kids show. In early 2007, she opened up a upscale women's vintage clothing boutique called, "Revival Vintage" in Los Angeles, California. It's located at 7403 Beverly Blvd. Eventually, she wants to transition out of the business and just run the store. She married Director Eric Dean Seaton on July 2, 2011. They are expecting their first child on March 22, 2012.

  • 04/14/08: Diff'rent Strokes Gets Additional Slot on BET

    Diff'rent Strokes Marathon on BET on Sunday, April 20 from 6-11PM ET/PT

  • 03/24/08: Diff'rent Strokes Marathon Airs on BET on Sunday, April 6 from 1pm-9pm ET/PT

  • 02/28/08: Gary Coleman Hosts Trivia Game

  • 02/28/08: Gary Coleman authorizes his likeness for violent video game Postal 2

  • 02/26/08: Gary Coleman struggling to shed child star image

  • 02/18/08: BET Adds Diff'rent Strokes Weekdays at 9:00am and 9:30am

    Shannon Price and Gary Coleman

  • 02/13/08: Coleman says he's secretly been married

    Gary Coleman, Married Man

  • 01/18/08: Gary Coleman's Pants Sell For $400,000 on eBay

  • 07/01/07: French Rap Diff'rent Strokes Song

  • 06/19/07: Diff'rent Strokes minisodes available on The Minisode Network

  • 06/05/07: Diff'rent Strokes Reruns Come to Atlanta TBS - Weekdays from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

  • 05/22/07: Gary Coleman has appeared in some commercials for cashcall.com

  • 05/11/07: Diff'rent Strokes has been airing in the UK for the last month or so on Trouble weekdays at 7:30am, 2pm (repeat of 7:30am), 2:30pm and 6pm (repeat of 2:30).

    In the U.S., Diff'rent Strokes can be seen on Comcast's On Demand service and the following local channels:

    WWME - Chicago
    WRLH - Richmond-Petersburg, VA

    Handy link for local channels

  • 04/10/07: Diff'rent Strokes Returns to Comcast's On-Demand TubeTime Channel

  • 03/28/07: He's alive? What you talking 'bout, Willis?

  • 02/12/07: Todd Bridges Guest Stars on 'Everybody Hates Chris' on February 12th at 8PM ET/PT on The CW

    Dana Plato

  • 09/11/06: Dana Plato Wrongful Death Suit Filed

    Behind the Camera: The Unauthroized Story of Diff'rent Strokes

  • 09/03/06 - Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Diff'rent Strokes airs on NBC on Monday, September 4th at 8-10 PM ET.

    Additional information, cast details, and our review
    Internet Movie Database entry
    Todd Bridges on Diff'rent Strokes movie, his sister, and reality shows

  • 08/07/06: http://blog.sitcomsonline.com/2006/08/ellen-season-4-dvd-now-sept-26-comedy.html


    Series Stars Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges Participated in Project and Appear in On-camera Interviews in the Movie; Bobb'e J Thompson Stars as a Young Gary Coleman

    BURBANK August 7, 2006 NBC will re-visit one of television's most popular comedy series -- "Diff'rent Strokes" -- with a movie that serves as a powerful cautionary tale about the tragedies and challenges facing the child stars of the sitcom as well as all child stars in "Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Diff'rent Strokes,'" premiering on Monday, Sept. 4 (8-10 p.m. ET). Original cast members Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges participated in the movie and will also appear in on-camera interviews.

    "Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Diff'rent Strokes'" not only takes viewers behind the scenes of the popular sitcom, but also follows the lives of Coleman, Bridges and fellow star Dana Plato in the years after the series went off the air as their personal lives spiraled downward. In addition, it also examines the pitfalls of child stardom.

    "Diff'rent Strokes" premiered on NBC on November 3, 1978 and concluded in 1986. Coleman and Bridges starred as Arnold and Willis Jackson, respectively -- two orphaned children from Harlem who were adopted by wealthy businessman Philip Drummond. The brothers' sudden lifestyle change from poverty to the penthouse made the comedy an instant hit for NBC.

    This production which follows previous "Behind the Camera" movies on NBC that re-created the story and era surrounding "Three's Company," "Charlie's Angels" and "Mork & Mindy" -- is produced by Once Upon a Time Films. Bobb'e J Thompson ("The Tracy Morgan Show") plays the young Coleman while Verda Bridges, Bridges' real-life sister, portrays Bridges' mother. "Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Diff'rent Strokes'" is executive-produced by Stanley M. Brooks ("Broken Trail") and Scott W. Anderson (NBC's "Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Three's Company'"), with Damian Ganczewski ("Broken Trail") producing. Robert Iscove ("She's All That") directs from a script written by Greg Pincus and Susan Rinehart.

  • Comcast's On Demand Tube Time dropped Diff'rent Strokes and The Facts of Life at the end of July. They were offering the 4th season for viewing and had aired the first 3 seasons.

  • Diff'rent Strokes is available on Comcast's On Demand Service in their TV Entertainment/Tube Time section. Currently, they are offering episodes from Season 3. They rotate the episodes about every month or so. You can fast forward, rewind, and pause them. Most, if not all, of the episodes are unedited.

  • 01/16/06: Read our review of Diff'rent Strokes - The Complete Second Season on DVD

    Todd Bridges and Jenni Meno

  • 01/10/06: Todd Bridges appears on Skating with Celebrities, premiering January 18th at 9PM ET/PT on FOX

    Todd Bridges Bio on FOX.com

  • 12/04/05: Here is the front and back cover art for Season 2 (to be released on January 31, 2006) courtesy of TVShowsOnDVD.com and SitcomsOnline.com - Season 2 Episode List

  • 11/28/05: Sam's Kidnapping Video Clip from Lifeinthe80s.com

    Diff'rent Strokes - The Complete Second Season

    Diff'rent Strokes - The Complete Second Season - Back Cover

  • 10/13/05: Season 2 to be released on DVD on January 31, 2006!

    Gary Coleman


    Nancy Kerrigan, Kurt Browning and Tai Babilonia Among Pro Skaters to Skate with Celebrities Olympic Gold Medalist Scott Hamilton to Host Show Olympic Gold Medalist Dorothy Hamill to be a Judge of Competition

    SKATING WITH CELEBRITIES will partner six famous personalities with six professional figure skaters to compete for an unprecedented figure skating title on FOX. Hosted by Olympic gold medalist and world champion Scott Hamilton, the competition will feature some of the most recognized and celebrated names in professional figure skating and a mix of celebrities who span a wide spectrum within the entertainment industry.

    The celebrity/professional figure skater pairs are:

    - Actor/comedian Dave Coulier ("Full House") with two-time Olympic figure skating medalist Nancy Kerrigan;

    - Olympic decathlon gold medalist and television personality Bruce Jenner with world champion pairs figure skater Tai Babilonia;

    - Actor Todd Bridges ("Diff'rent Strokes") with three-time U.S. national pairs figure skating champion and world championship medalist Jenni Meno;

    - Actress Kristy Swanson ("Dude, Where's My Car?", "Buffy the Vampire Slayer") with two-time Olympic pairs figure skating medalist and world champion Lloyd Eisler;

    - Singer/songwriter/actress Deborah Gibson with four-time world figure skating champion Kurt Browning;

    - Television personality, reporter and weather forecaster Jillian Barberie ("Good Day LA," "Fox NFL Sunday," "Good Morning, Miami") with three-time U.S. pairs figure skating champion and world championship medalist John Zimmerman.

    Over the course of six themed episodes, the celebrities and their professional partners will perform figure skating routines that will challenge the celebs' athletic and artistic abilities and push them to prepare and perform in ways they've never done before. Each episode will test the pairs' skills as they demonstrate whether they can successfully pull off original and challenging skating sequences – or whether they'll freeze under pressure.

    "For most people, it's tough enough to learn these types of moves while on the dance floor or working out in the gym," said FOX's executive vice president of alternative programming, Mike Darnell. "This competition will require our celebrity skaters to not only demonstrate rhythm, but also athleticism, grace and balance … on ice, and before a team of unforgiving judges with both Olympic and world championship experience. No doubt there will be plenty of falls, bruises and scary moments."

    "All of the celebrities in the competition not only have the ability to skate, but the desire to excel and become great. What's really interesting is that even at the training level, a competition between the pairs is already developing," said executive producer Arthur Smith.

    Olympic gold medalist, world figure skating champion and American icon Dorothy Hamill will be one of the judges of the unique competition. Hamill, with her extensive expertise on all aspects of the sport and artistry of skating, will help decide which pairs move forward in the competition and who is eliminated.

    The six pairs will each have the benefit of working with a professional figure skating choreographer during the competition. Five-time U.S. national ice dance champion and Emmy Award-winning choreographer Michael Seibert, U.S. and world figure skating champion and director/choreographer Randy Gardner and three-time U.S. ice dance champion Renee Roca are working with the pairs to help craft the challenging and exciting routines they will perform in each episode.

    SKATING WITH CELEBRITIES is produced by A. Smith & Co. Productions. Arthur Smith and Kent Weed are executive producers.

  • 10/06/05: A&E aired a Biography of Gary Coleman in October

  • 06/13/05: VH1 Premieres '100 Greatest Kid Stars' In A 5-Night Series Hosted By Christopher Knight Beginning Monday June 13 9PM*

    NEW YORK, June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- VH1 has crowned Gary Coleman, of "Diff'rent Strokes" fame, the number one kid star. Macaulay Culkin, Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Jodie Foster, Drew Barrymore, Emmanuel Lewis, Ron Howard, Corey Feldman, Maureen McCormick and Danny Bonaduce round out the top ten on the list.

    Premiering on Monday, June 13 at 9 P.M.* and hosted by Christopher Knight, "100 Greatest Kid Stars" is a five-night special that follows the tradition of VH1's successful "100 Greatest ... " franchise. VH1 has assembled the definitive list of child stars, and counts them down using new, exclusive interviews with many of the stars themselves and that golden footage from way back when ...

    1. Gary Coleman (DIFF'RENT STROKES)
    40. Todd Bridges (DIFF'RENT STROKES)
    91. Dana Plato (DIFF'RENT STROKES)

    Complete List


    Series Stars Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges to Serve as Consultants. Bobb'e J Thompson stars as a young Gary Coleman

    BURBANK, Calif. -- February 28, 2005 -- NBC will re-visit one of television's most popular comedy series, "Diff'rent Strokes" with a new movie that serves as a powerful cautionary tale about the tragedies and challenges facing the child stars of the sitcom in "Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Diff'rent Strokes.'" Production will begin this month in Vancouver, Canada. Original cast members, Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges will serve as consultants on the movie and will also appear in on-camera interviews.

    "Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Diff'rent Strokes'" not only takes us behind the scenes of the popular sitcom, but also follows the lives of Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges, and Dana Plato in the years after the series went off the air, as their lives spiraled downward. In addition, it also takes a look at the pitfalls of child stardom.

    "Diff'rent Strokes" premiered on NBC on November 3, 1978 and concluded in 1986. Coleman and Bridges starred as Arnold and Willis Jackson, respectively, two orphaned children from Harlem who were adopted by wealthy businessman Phillip Drummond. The brothers' sudden lifestyle change from poverty to the penthouse made the comedy an instant hit for NBC.

    The movie -- which follows previous Behind the Camera movies by NBC that successfully re-created the story and era surrounding "Three's Company" and "Charlie's Angels" -- will be produced by Once Upon a Time Films. Bobb'e J Thompson (NBC's "The Tracy Morgan Show") has been cast to play a young Gary Coleman, and Verda Bridges, Todd Bridges' real life sister, has been cast to play Todd Bridges' mother.

    In addition, NBC will also broadcast "Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Mork & Mindy'" a movie version of the backstage story of the comedy "Mork and Mindy," which launched Oscar winner Robin Williams' career.

    "Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Diff'rent Strokes'" is executive-produced by Stanley M. Brooks (NBC's "Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Three's Company'") and Scott W. Anderson (NBC's "Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Three's Company'"), with Damian Ganczewski (NBC's "Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Three's Company'") producing. Robert Iscove ("She's All That") will direct from a script written by Greg Pincus and Susan Rinehart.

  • 02/24/05: NBC has given producer Stan Brooks the green light to produce a two-hour "Behind the Camera" telepic about hit Peacock laffer "Diff'rent Strokes."

    Bobb'e J, most recently seen on "The Tracy Morgan Show," has been cast to play the young Gary Coleman in the project. Both Coleman and co-star Todd Bridges have also signed on as consultants to the project and will appear in on-camera interviews during the pic, which will blend scripted and unscripted elements.

    In addition, Verda Bridges -- sister of Todd Bridges -- will play the siblings' mother. Robert Bailey Jr. has been cast to play the older Coleman in the pic, which is being produced via Brooks' Once Upon a Time Prods.

    There's no casting yet for the role of "Strokes" star Dana Plato, who died of a drug overdose in 1999.

    Production starts next week in Vancouver, with Robert Iscove helming. Greg Pincus and Susan Rinehart wrote the script, and Brooks will exec produce with Scott W. Anderson; Damian Ganczewski is a producer.

    Unauthorized telepic, in development since last year (Daily Variety, March 26) will depart from the usual "Behind the Camera" format by not just focusing on the time during which the show aired (1978-86), but also examining what happened to the cast long after the cameras stopped rolling.

    Brooks, who produced the "Three's Company" and upcoming "Mork and Mindy" editions of the "Behind the Camera" franchise, said "Strokes" promises to be the most dramatic pic of the series "by far."

    Other pics, he said, deal with careers falling apart. "With this one, what's at stake was people's lives," Brooks said.

    "The thesis of this movie is, Where were the parents in all this? The studios, the networks, the managers -- all the people benefiting from the success of this show never looked at the effect it was having (on the young cast). They stole their childhood."

    Pic reps the first time a "Behind the Camera" title has focused on an NBC skein. Brooks is currently casting for a thesp to play late Peacock topper Brandon Tartikoff, and he said he's hoping Mr. T will agree to re-create his famed cameo on "Strokes."

    While Coleman and Bridges are consultants on the pic, they didn't have approval on the script and, in fact, didn't see the script until after the pic was greenlit, Brooks said.

    "We didn't have to do much to make (Coleman) sympathetic," Brooks said. "You can't spend five minutes with the guy without feeling some sympathy for his plight."

    This is not the first "Strokes" telepic. A few years ago, Fox produced "After 'Diff'rent Strokes': When the Laughter Stopped."

    NBC is expected to air the "Mork and Mindy" edition of "Behind the Camera" in early April.

  • 01/03/05: Upgraded message board

  • 06/16/04: Posted updated news on Diff'rent Strokes being released on DVD

  • 04/27/04: Shavar Ross and Todd Bridges on VH-1 special on April 30th

    They were interviewed for it and it will air on VH-1 on April 30th and many times after that.

    In a 2-hour documentary entitled Child Star Babylon, Shavar chats about what it was like growing up as a child star. If you've seen "Behind the Music", you'll love this. Airs April 30th (All times Eastern/Pacific).

    VH1 04/30/2004 11:00 AM
    VH1 04/30/2004 01:00 PM
    VH1 04/30/2004 09:00 PM
    VH1 04/30/2004 12:00 AM
    VH1 05/02/2004 12:00 PM
    VH1 05/02/2004 01:30 AM
    VH1 05/03/2004 12:30 PM
    VH1 05/03/2004 12:00 AM
    VH1 05/04/2004 02:30 PM
    VH1 05/20/2004 01:00 AM

  • 03/26/04: Peacock stokes 'Strokes'
    Inside look at 'Mork,' 'Shirley,' 'Bewitched' also planned
    Whatchoo talkin' about, NBC?

    As part of its "Behind the Camera" franchise, Peacock is developing a two-hour look at the drama surrounding the hit '80s NBC sitcom, "Diff'rent Strokes." Greg Pincus is writing a script for the project, which is one of several TV tales in the works at NBC.

    NBC is also in early development on telepics focusing on the behind-the-scenes drama of ABC hits "Mork & Mindy," "Laverne & Shirley" and "Bewitched." NBC has previously produced telepics on ABC hits "Three's Company" and "Charlie's Angels."

    "The franchise has performed quite well for us," said NBC longform topper Jeff Gaspin, who also heads alternative programming at NBC and is prexy of Bravo. Most recent "Charlie's Angel" pic was just so-so in raw numbers, "but when we got in the upscale demos for 'Angels,' it was off the chart," Gaspin added.

    Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges have signed on as consultants on the "Diff'rent Strokes" telefilm, which Gaspin said will tread cautiously when dealing with many of the tragic events surrounding the sitcom -- including the death of star Dana Plato.

    "If you get it right, this is a cautionary tale about kids in Hollywood," he said. "We need to do it in a non-exploitative manner."

    Gary Coleman

  • 03/11/04: Gary Coleman will be at the 2nd Annual TV Land Awards, which was taped on 03/07, and will air Wed. March 17 at 9 p.m. on TV Land. He is doing a feature for TVLand.com called Coleman-Cam.

    Todd Bridges and Gary Coleman appeared on the WB's "The Surreal Life" in January

    Nikki Swasey

    Remember Arnold's arch-nemesis Lisa Hayes? She was played by Nikki Swasey (pictured above). Nikki sends us this update:

    "After Diff'rent Strokes I left my agent because I felt she wasn't sending me out on enough auditions and went with Gary Coleman's manager. He was able to get me a guest spot on 227 and a Doritos commercial. This was during the time when Gary was suing his parents, manager and other financial advisors. The manager in turn left the business and I never pursued other representation. I stopped acting for several years. Not sure what I wanted to do next, I took part-time jobs in retail during my later high school years. I went to college for a year, but found it wasn't for me. I was able to make some contacts in the entertainment industry and landed a job as a personal assistant for Yvette Lee Bowser who was a producer for 'A Different World'. During my time there, I performed as guest cast for one episode, which I decided wasn't for me anymore. My next job was as stage production assistant on 'Living Single'. I enjoyed working behind the scenes. Fortunately, Warner Bros. Studios had a spot open in their directors guild program which I landed. From there I began my career as a stage manager / assistant director, which I'm still working as today. (Living Single, Wayan's Brothers, Sunset Beach, Hype, The Berne Mac Show, The Tracy Morgan Show - where I am now, and various others). Thanks for your interest in me. I'm not yet a computer person but when that changes I'll be sure to keep you up to date. Thanks Todd. From Little Lisa. "

  • 12/05/03: Starting at $19.95 you can have certain celebrities, including Todd Bridges, call you or a friend: http://www.hollywoodiscalling.com

    Gary Coleman Appears in "A Christmas Carol" on the Hallmark Channel

    Gary Coleman finished in 8th place in the race for governor of California out of 135 candidates

    The Diff'rent Strokes theme was recently used in a British commercial for Lipton Ice Tea

    Some actors that appeared on Diff'rent Strokes as guest stars have passed away this year:

    Robert Rockwell, actor who became best known for his roles on TV died on January 25th of cancer at age 82. He played Mr. Drummond's lawyer Tom Bishop in multiple episodes of Diff'rent Strokes. Rockwell appeared in a string of B-movies in the early 50’s, before turning to TV. He appeared on more than 350 television shows and performed in scores of commercials over a 50 year period most notably as Philip Boynton the shy biology teacher on “Our Miss Brooks.” Younger viewers may remember him as Wally' Overmier on "Growing Pains."

    Gordon Jump who played bicycle shop owner Mr. Horton in the classic 2-part episode "The Bicycle Man" passed away in September.

    LOS ANGELES (Sept. 22) - Gordon Jump, who played a befuddled radio station manager on the sitcom "WKRP in Cincinnati" and made his mark in commercials as the lonely Maytag repairman, died Monday. He was 71. Jump suffered from pulmonary fibrosis, said his cousin, Katherine Jump Wagner. The illness causes scarring of the air sacs of the lungs, leading to heart or respiratory failure. Wagner, of Arcanum, Ohio, said she learned of her cousin's death from her father, also named Gordon Jump. Her cousin was under hospice care at his home southeast of Los Angeles, she said. Jump played Arthur Carlson in "WKRP in Cincinnati," which aired on CBS from 1978-82 and featured Gary Sandy, Loni Anderson, Tim Reid, Howard Hesseman and Richard Sanders as the ragtag station's crew. A native of Dayton, Ohio, Jump began his career working at radio and TV stations in the Midwest. He worked behind the microphone and the camera, including jobs as a producer for Kansas and Ohio stations. Jump portrayed the Maytag repairman "Ol' Lonely," a well-recognized advertising symbol, from 1989 until he retired from the role in July and another actor took over. "Gordon was an incredibly talented actor and a remarkable human being," said Ralph Hake, chairman and chief executive officer of Maytag Corp. Jump came to appreciate the attention he got for the ad campaign and the steady work it provided, Wagner said. But his heart was elsewhere professionally. Gordon Jump as the Maytag repairman "What he loved more than anything was doing theater. He was a marvelous actor," she said, recalling a visit to Florida to watch him perform in "Norman, Is That You?" Jump began his Hollywood career after moving to Los Angeles in 1963, appearing on series including "Daniel Boone," "Get Smart" and "The Partridge Family." His dramatic roles included a part in the TV movie "Ruby and Oswald," about the assassination of President Kennedy, and "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes." Jump is survived by his wife, four daughters and a son, Maytag said in a statement. He also had a brother, Wagner said.

    Gary Coleman

  • 08/06/03: Gary Coleman to run for California Governor

    Hours before Arnold Schwarzenegger's announcement, celebrity Gary Coleman, the star of the 1980s sitcom "Diff'rent Strokes," plunked down $3,500 in Alameda County and declared himself a candidate for governor.

    The onetime Diff'rent Strokes star stood on a platform on Wednesday of balancing the state's budget, legalizing gay marriage, decriminalizing marijuana, "restor[ing] sanity to California politics" and "drill[ing] for oil in every national park." The 35-year-old's candidacy is being championed by a San Francisco newspaper that, with Coleman's permission, put up the $3,500 filing fee and collected 87 signatures, publicist Mike Casey said. Coleman previously announced a bid for run for the U.S. Senate from California in 2000, but dropped out, Casey said, because he felt the competition was too strong.

    Gary Coleman on California ballot (CNN article)

  • 05/14/03: Added another midi file of the theme song to the Sound Library section

    Gary Coleman, Conrad Bain, and Todd Bridges

  • 03/06/03: Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges, and Conrad Bain reunited at the TV Land Awards taped on March 2nd, 2003. They presented an award for 'Funniest Food Fight'.

    This TV Land Awards special hosted by John Ritter will air on Wednesday, March 12th at 8:30-11:30PM EST/PST on TV Land and Nick at Nite and will re-air several more times that week.

    Shavar Ross

  • Shavar Ross (Dudley) to appear on E! Child Stars Special on March 10th at 9PM EST/PST

    "E! Original Special: More Child Stars of 1980s" -- For those who loved our first walk down memory lane, there's more child stars where those came from. This "Back to School" themed edition of child stars features class reunions with the stars from: Head of the Class, Fame, Doogie Howser, and Life Goes On. These and other featured stars have lived intriguing lives since their TV teens. Shavar Ross ("Dudley" from Dif'rent Strokes) became a church pastor; Brian Robbins (Head of the Class) is a major Hollywood producer, with credits that include "Smallville." Rain Pryor (Head of the Class) acts and lectures against drug abuse; Tannis Valleley (Head of the Class) is a casting agent; Carlo Imperato (Fame) owns a string of Gold's Gyms; Chris Burke (Life goes On) plays in a band. We'll also update the lives and times of several child actors, including Josh Brolin (The Goonies), and Nia Peeples (Fame), who have become adult stars.

    Premieres Monday, March 10 at 9:00 PM ET/PT. (1 hour)

  • 02/06/03: Columbia TriStar wants your vote!

    They are conducting a survey to see which shows we would like on DVD. You can vote for up to 5 series and let them know if you prefer "full season" sets or "best of" compilations of a single series or theme.

    Besides Diff'rent Strokes, they also list: Barney Miller, Benson, Bewitched, Designing Women, Dilbert, The Facts of Life, Fantasy Island, Father Knows Best, The Flying Nun, Hart to Hart, I Dream of Jeannie, Just Shoot Me, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, Maude, The Nanny, NewsRadio, One Day at a Time, The Partridge Family, Silver Spoons, Soap, T.J. Hooker, The Tick, V.I.P., and Who's the Boss?

    Click here to cast your vote!

    Nedra Volz

  • Nedra Volz Dies at 94

    By Connie Cone Sexton
    The Arizona Republic
    Jan. 22, 2003

    Character actress Nedra Volz, who played housekeeper Adelaide Brubaker in the early 1980s on the Diff'rent Strokes television series and made a living playing grandmothers and little old ladies, died Monday of Alzheimer's complications. She was 94.

    Volz, of Mesa, recognized for her trademark white bun, worked in vaudeville and radio as a young woman but didn't find fame in show business until her 60s.

    Her first role as the "Old Lady" came in a 1975 episode of Good Times. Over the years she made several guest appearances on other TV comedies including Alice, Maude and Designing Women. Along with Diff'rent Strokes, she had a recurring role as Pearl Sperling in The Fall Guy and as Miz Emma Tidsale, the postmistress, on The Dukes of Hazzard.

    She made her film debut in 1973 in Your Minutes Are Up as the "Free Press Lady" and went on to appear in more than a dozen theatrical and TV films including 10, Little Miss Marker and Earth Girls Are Easy. Her last film was The Great White Hype in 1995.

    Volz, born in Montrose, Iowa, on June 18, 1908, first hit the stage as a toddler. Her parents were in vaudeville and billed her as "Baby Nedra."

    She sang with a band as a young woman but stayed out of performing until about the 1950s when she did community theater.

    "She always had that bun on her head," said her son, Edward, of Mesa. "Nobody knows her name, but everybody knows who she is."

    Other survivors include her daughter, Linda Deffenderfer of Chandler.

    Nedra Volz Fansite


  • 01/08/03: Shavar Ross (Dudley) is being interviewed for an upcoming segment on E!'s Child Stars of the '80s special. It should tentatively be scheduled to air at the end of this month or in early February. More details will be posted when they become available.

    Gary Coleman's episode of "Star Dates" will air on February 2nd at 10:30PM EST/PST.

    Diff'rent Strokes has returned to the "Trouble" schedule in the UK. It airs on the weekends at 9:30-10:30AM and weekdays at 8:55-9:25PM.

    Gary Coleman (late 1999)

  • 11/13/02: E! Sends Screech, Gary Coleman on Dates

    LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - Just to be clear, E!'s new series "Star Dates" has nothing whatsoever to do with "Star Trek."

    Even if the idea of 80-something Phyllis Diller being set up on a blind date seems like something out of science fiction.

    E!, the network that brought you "The Anna Nicole Show," will launch "Star Dates" on Sunday, Dec. 15. The show is the latest addition to the ever-expanding pantheon of "reality" TV series and its concurrent stretching of the definition of "celebrity."

    The series, which has a six-episode order, will try to show that the marginally or formerly famous are just like us regular folks when it comes to dating. Cameras will follow the likes of Diller, Dustin Diamond ("Saved by the Bell"), Gary Coleman ("Diff'rent Strokes") and Jill Whelan ("The Love Boat") as they go on blind dates with the non-famous.

    The show is from George Verschoor, a producer of MTV's "The Real World" and FOX's "Murder in Small Town X."

    Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges on Hollywood Squares Dynamic Duo Week

  • 11/04/02: It's Classic TV Week on "Street Smarts" Nov 4-8, 2002. WGN airs the show weekdays at 3:30pm/et and local channels also air the show, check local listings for time and channel

    Tuesday, November 5th
    "Classic TV Week"
    Todd Bridges and Gary Coleman ("Diff'rent Strokes") share their knowledge of "Sesame Street."

    Gary Coleman will play himself on an episode of UPN's The Parkers, Monday November 11th 8 p.m. e/p on UPN

    Watch Where Are They Now on VH-1 on Tuesday, October 22nd at 8PM EST/7 CST

    Find out what the actors and actresses that played Blossom, Willis from Diff'rent Strokes, Webster, Rerun from What's Happening, and others are doing now. Hear interviews where they talk about what it was like being famous and how they felt after the limelight faded. To check out a larger list of your favorite TV kid actors and actresses, you can visit this link on VH1.com


    Additional Airdates:

    Wednesday, October 23 12:30 AM
    Wednesday, October23 1:00 PM
    Thursday, October 24 6:00 PM
    Friday, October 25 5:00 PM
    Sunday, October 27 6:00 PM
    Monday, October 28 11:00 PM
    Friday, November 1 2:00 PM
    Sunday, November 3 3:30 PM

    all times eastern standard time

  • 09/03/02: The message board is back up after being moved to a new server... Discuss Diff'rent Strokes and your other favorite sitcoms on the Sitcoms Online Message Boards

  • 08/26/02: The last airing of Diff'rent Strokes on TNN is August 30th. It is not on the September schedule. No word yet if or when it might return to the schedule.

    Gary Coleman

    Coleman Joins 'BattleBots' Crew

    LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com, 08/16/02) - Gary Coleman has some time on his hands.

    The "Diff'rent Strokes" actor will be working on Comedy Central's "BattleBots" series. The show features two teams who build "bots" designed to destroy the competition. Coleman has scored a choice spot working alongside the Nightmare bot's pit crew.

    Hopefully he can get a good view of host Carmen Electra ("Scary Movie" ) while he helps Nightmare's driver, Jim Smentowski.

    "I am a huge fan of 'BattleBots,'" says Coleman. "The stench of twisted metal, the roar of a battle-hungry mob, 200-pound robots getting flung 20 feet in the air only to be impaled on giant spikes. Now that's the kind of entertainment that puts a smile on my face. As if Carmen Electra wasn't enough."

    "BattleBots" begins its fifth season Tuesday, Aug. 20 at 10 p.m. ET on Comedy Central.

    The New TNN

    TNN will add another hour of Diff'rent Strokes starting Monday August 5th, weekdays at 12 and 12:30pm! It will continue to air weekdays at 10 and 10:30am as well. The 12 and 12:30pm cycle will be different than the 10-11am one, episode 1 will air at 12pm on August 5th.

    The Rerun Show

    Gary Coleman in The Facts of Life and Todd Bridges in The Jeffersons on The Rerun Show:

    A bevy of classic television stars and other celebrities - including Fred “Rerun Berry,” Danny Bonaduce and Gary Coleman -- will make cameo appearances on NBC’s “The Rerun Show” this summer beginning with the series premiere on Thursday, Aug. 1 (9:30-10 p.m. ET) as the alternative comedy series recreates classic television shows using original scripts while adding its own comedic, pop-culture spin to the performances.

    After its premiere, “The Rerun Show” will then move to Tuesday nights for the month of August.

    The following guest-stars have been confirmed for cameo appearances:

    “The Facts of Life” - Gary Coleman (“Diff'rent Strokes”) appears as a shopping mall security guard in the “Shoplifting” episode.

    “The Jeffersons” - Marla Gibbs (Florence on the original “The Jeffersons”) portrays sex therapist Dr. Beamish in the “A Bedtime Story” episode; Todd Bridges (“Diff’rent Strokes”) makes an appearance as Florence’s (Daniele Gaither) boyfriend in the “Florence in Love” episode. Aries Spears (“Mad TV”) is also featured in the episode in the role of Weezie Jefferson.

    Airdates for “The Rerun Show” are as follows: Thursday, Aug. 1 (9:30-10 p.m. ET) after “Will & Grace”; Tuesday, Aug. 6 (8:30-9 p.m. ET) after the “SPY TV” season finale; Tuesday, Aug. 13, (8-9 p.m. ET) with two episodes back-to-back; and Tuesday, Aug. 20, (8-9 p.m. ET) with two more episodes back-to-back.

    Television programs which will be “re-run ‘Rerun’-style” this summer include “Bewitched,” “Diff’rent Strokes,” “The Facts of Life,” “The Jeffersons,” “Married…with Children,” “One Day at a Time,” “The Partridge Family,” “Saved by the Bell” and “What’s Happening!”

    “The Rerun Show” stars Ashley Drane, Daniele Gaither, Danielle Hoover, Don Reed, Mitch Silpa and Paul Vogt. Candy Ford and Brian Beacock are also featured performers.

  • 07/23/02: The Dana Plato Tribute Site has opened. This site was created by Brian Keith Moody who was a writer on the Diff'rent Strokes episode 'Memories'.

  • 07/15/02: Updated TNN schedule through August 2nd

  • 06/14/02: Bridges' New Stroke Takes Him to 'Restless'

    Actor Todd Bridges' life has often resembled a daytime drama -- so it's somehow appropriate that he's about to appear in an actual soap.

    The former "Diff'rent Strokes" star has snagged a recurring role on CBS' "The Young and the Restless," which just marked its 700th week as TV's most-watched daytime drama. He will play Juice, a character "Y&R" executive producer David Shaughnessy describes as "a real out-and-out bad guy ...bent on revenge."

    Since "Strokes" left the air in 1986, Bridges has had several run-ins with the law, including charges of drug possession, carrying a loaded weapon and assault with a deadly weapon. He was acquitted on the latter charge.

    Bridges, 37, taped his episodes of "Y&R" last week and will make his first appearance on the soap July 12. For now, Bridges is only slated to appear on a few episodes, though Shaughnessy said he could return depending on how his storyline plays out. Bridges most recently faced off against Vanilla Ice on Fox's "Celebrity Boxing."

  • 06/03/02: TNN Schedule Change - Starting June 3rd, Diff'rent Strokes will air at 10:00AM and 10:30AM Monday-Friday Eastern/Pacific on The New TNN; Posted TNN schedule for June

  • Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges appear in Moby's "We Are All Made of Stars" video

  • 04/23/02: Updated TNN schedule through the end of May

    Shavar Ross

    Available Now! "On The Set Of Diff'rent Strokes" 60 minute audio tape. Listen as Shavar Ross (Arnold's friend Dudley) gives you the inside scoop on what it was like on the "Strokes" set.

    Topics Covered:

    * How Shavar landed the role of Dudley out of more than 250 kids.

    * The First Day On The Set: Meeting Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges and Dana Plato.

    * What it was like going to school (on the set) with the cast members.

    * Shavar gives details about the fun things he did with Gary such as the sleep overs, bowling, and other fun times they had as real life friends.

    * Shavar talks about what the seasonal wrap parties on the show was like---lots of laughter!

    * Shavar tells what it was like doing the very last episode of "Strokes" with Gary Coleman and the rest of the cast.

    *Also find out how a televison show like "Diff'rent Strokes" is produced on a weekly basis.

    Available at www.trisevenentertainment.com

  • A new book "Former Child Stars: The Story of America's Least Wanted" by Joal Ryan has been released.

    An in-depth look at the psychological effects of finding fame at a young age. Dana Plato didn't believe Diff'rent Strokes was ill-fated. "I would have crashed and burned no matter what," the ex-primetimer said in 1997. And then, two years later, she crashed and burned for good - dead of an apparent suicide. She was 34 and, commonly perceived as the latest victim of something far greater than Diff'rent Strokes - Plato had succumbed to the former child star "curse."

    Or had she? Former Child Star is the first in-depth look at a generation's virtual peers - from Dana Plato to Gary Coleman, from Ricky Nelson to Rick Schroder and beyond. No mere where-are-they-now? retread, Former Child Star asks the question: Why are they now? Why do most ex-kid actors turn out just fine, while others dwell in tabloid (or worse) hell?

    Author Joal Ryan, the journalist and keeper of an acclaimed Web site on tv former child stars, is ready with answers. Tracing the behind-the-scenes history of the tv child actor from the 1950s to today, Ryan examines the successes of the Ron Howards, the trying times of the Gary Colemans, the burnouts of the Dana Platos. She finds that the real curse faced by these familiar faces is our "celebrity-or-bust" culture. Drawing on first-hand interviews with players who appeared on My Three Sons, The Brady Bunch, One Day at a Time, Diff'rent Strokes, and more, Ryan weaves a compelling tale that is as much a treatise on the culture of celebrity as it is a really cool book about kids we grew up watching grow up.

    For more information and to purchase:


  • Diff'rent Strokes

    Diff'rent Strokes opening title

    Gary Coleman Talks About Price of Fame
    Wednesday June 6 6:25 AM ET
    By CHRISTY LEMIRE, AP Entertainment Writer

    NEW YORK (AP) - Gary Coleman is a corporate shill.
    This is what he does with his fame, which he hates. He uses it to promote corporations, which he loves.

    The diminutive star of the '80s sitcom ``Diff'rent Strokes'' pitches Holoworld Cafes, a burgeoning chain of restaurant/laser-tag/video-game establishments. He pitches Biozyme, a biodegradable product that eats up cooking grease.

    He answers bizarre questions from readers of his weekly column, ``Coleman Confidential,'' on the entertainment Web site ugo.com.

    Then there's his own business, building model train layouts from his West Los Angeles apartment.

    He would rather do all these things than do what made him a pop culture icon.

    ``I say, `Hey, come to Holoworld,''' Coleman said during a recent visit to New York, which he also hates. ``I speak for Holoworld just like I speak for ugo.com, just like I speak for any other corporation that I have had the pleasure of working for. I like corporations. I like the stability of corporations.''

    He disliked the instability of television, even though it made him an instant star at age 10 when ``Diff'rent Strokes'' debuted on NBC in 1978. Coleman played smart-mouthed, chubby-cheeked Arnold Jackson for the sitcom's entire eight-year run.

    He doesn't watch TV anymore. He doesn't have cable. He doesn't even like talking about his time on the tube; at the end of last year, he placed a moratorium on reporters' questions about the show. And he definitely will NOT, if asked, say ``Whatchu talkin' 'bout?''

    The folks at Nick at Nite, though, won't leave him alone. Not only do they broadcast the sitcom five nights a week, they're running a 40-episode ``Diff'rent Strokes'' marathon, with eight episodes a night through Thursday.

    ``I think he empowered kids,'' said Jim Burns, the cable channel's senior vice president of programming and creative. ``When the show was first on, he was different than most kids on sitcoms. He was the one who really took charge.''

    But Coleman wishes he'd never said yes to the agent who approached his parents when he was a child in Zion, Ill., and asked if he wanted to be an actor.

    ``I said,`Sure, why not? As long as if I get sick of it, I don't have to do it anymore.' Well, of course, we know that was not the case,'' he said. ``... I would not give my first 15 years to my worst enemy, and I don't even have a worst enemy.''

    If Coleman has a foe, it's the media, which he said ``only want to focus on the negative.'' That includes the lifelong kidney problems that halted his growth, the lawsuit he filed against his parents to get his earnings back, the autograph seeker he punched in 1999, and his bankruptcy filing six months later. He called Matt Lauer ``a sensationalist'' for asking about his troubles during an interview on NBC's ``Today'' show.

    He has fared better than his fellow ``Diff'rent Strokes'' alumni, though. Todd Bridges, who played older brother Willis, battled drug and legal problems for years and is now a film director; Dana Plato, who played Kimberly Drummond, died of a drug overdose in 1999.

    Joal Ryan, author of ``Former Child Stars: The Story of America's Least Wanted,'' said we're still fascinated with Coleman because he's lived what we perceive to be the quintessential former child star life.

    ``The difference between Gary Coleman and Emmanuel Lewis (of the ABC sitcom `Webster'), who is even smaller than Gary Coleman, is, we sort of let Emmanuel Lewis go, maybe because he's laid lower, he doesn't appear in as much stuff,'' Ryan said. ``For some reason, we're hung up on Gary Coleman.''

    Coleman would do a TV series again, but ``only under the absolute condition that it be an ensemble cast and that everybody gets a chance to shine. Otherwise, no - that's not an option.

    ``It certainly is not something I would welcome again. But you know, that was then, this is now. Now that I'm 33, I can call the shots and I can make it be anything that I want it to be, where I can be comfortable. And if anybody has a problem with that, I guess they don't have to work with me. I'm not a difficult person, but I certainly am not going to be the only person on the show working. I've done that. I didn't like it.''

    He rants about television the same way he rants about every other topic that comes up during a two-hour, stream-of-consciousness conversation.

    On politics: ``I'm a conservative Republican but (President Bush) scares me.''

    On a woman who's a friend but isn't his girlfriend: ``It's probably the most truest female relationship I've ever had.''

    On children: ``I didn't even like being a kid when I was one. I can't see bringing a child into this world and having it cost $100,000 to raise it each year.''

    On fame: ``You get to exercise your creativity. You get to play cowboys and Indians and get paid for it. Other than that, I can't find one good thing about it.''

    On the Net:

    Coleman Confidential: www.ugo.com/tv-film/coleman-confidential/default.asp

    Former child stars: www.formerchildstar.net

    Nick at Nite: www.nick-at-nite.com

  • 04/14/01: 'Diff'rent Strokes' Star Saves Life

    LOS ANGELES (Zap2it.com) - For once, Todd Bridges knew the right strokes.

    The oft-troubled actor, who played Willis on "Diff’rent Strokes," saved the life of a paraplegic woman whose wheelchair rolled into a lake Friday (April 13), the AP reports.

    Stella Kline said her electric wheelchair lurched into the Balboa Park Lake in L.A.’s San Fernando Valley on Thursday (April 12) after her fishing line caught on the chair's controls. When it tipped over in 3 feet of water, she was trapped underneath.

    Bridges, whose run-ins with the law made him a tabloid favorite in the mid-'80s and '90s, was fishing a few feet away with his brother James, 40. Both jumped in to help.

    "I was thanking God that he was there," said Kline, 50. "And you know, everybody's been saying nothing but bad stuff about Todd Bridges on the news and in the papers ... He has a heart of gold."

    The 35-year-old actor was nonchalant. "We felt God put us there at the right time to save this lady's life, because there was no one else around," he said.

    Coleman No More 'Strokes' Questions

    .c The Associated Press (12/26/00)

    NEW YORK (AP) - Time is running out for interviewers who keep asking former child star Gary Coleman about his 1970s sitcom ``Diff'rent Strokes.''

    ``I've come up with the policy that, come 2001, I'll answer no more questions. We're in the 21st century here,'' he said.

    The 32-year-old actor, whose next movie is ``The Flunky'' with Dean Stockwell, does not even watch much television anymore.

    Instead, the sometime security guard occupies himself with model trains, DVDs, video games and the Internet, the New York Daily News reported Tuesday.

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