The following article was from the February 4th, 1998 Clarin newspaper from Argentina.  Thanks to Mariano Bryner for sending in the article and translating it.

Title: Gary Coleman, from actor to guard

Behind the photo: Gone with the wind.  His character Arnold, fame and money.

Gary Coleman, that little kid that at his 12 years old became an american TV super-star with "Diff'rent Strokes" (Note: the show was called "Black & White" in Argentina), changed his occupation.  The ex fat-cheeked & knavish actor, that that will be 30 next Sunday (February 8th) in his natal Illinois, now is a security guard in a parking place.  Like other prodigy kids, the pass of time has not been on his side: he was away from the screen, he lost his fame and money and he had to look for a new job to satisfy his necessity.

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